Microsoft Sues Samsung over Patent Royalties

根据路透社的报道,微软昨天晚间向美国曼哈顿联邦法院提起诉讼,控告三星电子拖欠专利费。微软高级法律顾问 David Howard 表示,“自从微软收购诺基亚之后,三星电子就拒绝按照协议向微软缴纳专利费”。

(Reuters) – Microsoft filed a lawsuit in Manhattan Federal Court last night to sue Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. of defaulting patent royalties. David Howard, the senior legal counsel of Microsoft, claimed the South Korean smartphone maker refused to make a royalty payment on patent licenses after Microsoft announced its intention to acquire Nokia’s handset business.

向 Android 手机厂商收取专利费是微软的一大现金流,而且一直比微软自家的 Windows Phone 业务收入更多。2013 年微软从 Android 手机厂商手中收取的专利费按照不同的算法在 5 亿美元到 25 亿美元之间。因为各大厂商的交叉授权协议实在是千头万绪很难给出一个准确的结论。

The income from patent royalties paid by Android handset makers is a major cash flow for Microsoft, which even exceeds Microsoft’s income from its own Windows Phone business all the time. The patent royalties Microsoft charged from Android handset makers in 2013 were about 500 million to 2.5 billion USD according to different computing methods. Because of the extremely complicated cross-licensing agreements among those makers, it is difficult to make an accurate conclusion.

不过微软在声明中还没有撕破脸皮,他们将这次诉讼描述为“即使是合作伙伴也会有一些不同的意见”。三星 Focus 系列是诺基亚 Lumia 之前销量最好的 Windows Phone 智能机。但是随着诺基亚和微软越走越近甚至融为一体,三星逐渐放弃了 Windows Phone 市场。根据现有的消息,下一代Windows Phone产品矩阵中可能再也看不到 Samsung 的 Logo 了。

Nevertheless, Microsoft didn’t want to break up its relationship with Samsung and in their statement,  they wrote “even partners sometimes disagree”. Samsung Focus series is the best selling Windows Phone smartphone before Nokia Lumia comes out. However, as Nokia stands increasingly closer to even incorporates into Microsoft, Samsung has gradually abandoned the Windows Phone market. According to the available information, it can be predicted that Samsung may not launch the next-generation Windows Phone products.

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