Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Says We Have Entered the “Post-Post-PC Era”

微软 CEO 萨特亚·纳德拉(Satya Nadella)今天表示,我们当前正处于后 PC 时代,微软正寻求在新的时代寻找新的机遇,这个时代并不是由绑定在单一产品上的消费者和企业定义,因此,微软将押注于一个以“云计算为先”和以“移动为先”的未来。

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, said today that we were currently in the “Post-PC” era and Microsoft was seeking new opportunities in this new era. In his opinion, this era is not defined by the consumers and enterprises bound to a single product. Consequently, Microsoft will place its bet on a “cloud-first, mobile first” world.

纳德拉在首届 CODE 大会上说:“我认为我们正处于我所说的’后后 PC 时代’。”

Satya Nadella said in the First CODE Conference that he believed we were currently in a “Post-Post-PC” Era he had proposed.

纳德拉掌舵微软才三个月时间,但在这段时间里,纳德拉应该忙得不可开交。微软先是发布了 iPad 版 Office,完成了 72 亿美元收购诺基亚手机业务的交易,然后又推出了备受好评的新硬件产品 Surface Pro 3。

In the three short months since Satya Nadella took over Microsoft CEO, he has presided over a few developments. He released the Office for iPad, completed the acquisition of the mobile phone business of Nokia with 7.2 billion dollars and launched a new hardware product Surface Pro 3, which is well received.

在三个月间,一个颇令人吃惊的举动是,在基于触控的 Office 版本登陆自家 Windows 设备之前,就推出了 iPad 版 Office 应用。纳德拉说:“我们此举的目的是确保微软的服务出现在所有设备上。我们必须确保微软的软件可以在所有设备上运行。”但他随后也表示,“我们想要保证我们在最常用的平台上具有以触控为先的应用。坦率地说,我并不希望我们在这个问题上犹豫不决,因为让它登陆我们平台的想法已不再重要了。”

In these three months, strikingly, Microsoft launched the Office for iPad before making a touch-based version of Office available to its Windows devices. “We aim to ensure Microsoft service is available to all devices. We must ensure Microsoft software could be run in all devices,” Said Satya Nadella. However, he later said, “We intend to ensure touch-first applications are available to the most commonly used platforms. Frankly speaking, I wish no hesitation on this issue as it is no longer important to make them available to our platform.”

对于微软而言,这似乎是偏离了原来的路线,但对于正寻求重塑微软的纳德拉来说,目标则是帮助微软在所谓的“后后 PC 时代”生存下去。

To Microsoft, this action seems to signal deviation from its original roadmap. However, to Satya Nadella, who is seeking to reshape Microsoft, the goal is to help Microsoft to survive in the so-called “Post-Post-PC” era.

From: The Techcrunch

Translated by Cathy, CCJK Technologies Co.,Ltd.

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