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Professional Mobile App Translation Services

With 15 years rich experience in software localization and 3 years of App development experiences, CCJK is able to offer professional and fast mobile app translation services. We can provide app GUI strings translation, images localization, help document translation and app language testing for most of the languages in the world.


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What is “Mobile App Localization”?

Mobile app localization is a process that translates the interface and help documentation and other textual contents of application software for a specific handheld device into certain desired languages.

This process may also involve adaptation of formats of information used in the application software, which could be measure, currency, data, menu sequence, etc.

Translation being the core procedure though, mobile app localization may include complex project management, glossary development and engineering or operational test, etc.

Why You Need Mobile App Localization?

According to the U.S. State Department, localization does lead to increased sales. They estimate that U.S. firms alone lose $50 billion in potential sales each year because of problems with translation and localization.
If you want to achieve continuous and sustainable sales of your games or other mobile apps, you will need them to go global and get localized for specific oversea markets.


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CCJK Streamlined Process of Mobile App Localization Services

Over the starting decade, CCJK has accumulated extensive experience in a wide variety of localization projects and streamlined its standard process of mobile apps localization based on it. The streamlined process has greatly facilitated the localization work and effectively cut down the necessary labor time for a mobile apps localization project. We follow the below process for a specific project:

Project Analysis and Strings Extraction

Assess the technical difficulty, workload, lead time and other aspects relating to the app localization project. Localizable resources are to be extracted from the source, including but not limited to texts, user interface, and images.


Extracted resources are sent to professional translators with pertinent specialties for language translation.

Review & TM Updating

In-context review and editing are to be conducted by senior linguists to ensure accuracy of the translation. The translation memory is to be updated using the translated content in the new files.

Operational Test

Test engineers conduct operational test of the localized mobile app and make possible bug fixing as well.

Final Delivery

The project manager sends the packed files of the localized mobile app to the client.

CCJK’s Technical Support on Mobile Localization

As a fundamental support to the mobile application localization services, CCJK has built a vast talents pool of both in-house and outsourcing software engineers. Chosen from the best, the in-house technical elites have extensive experience in mobile application development and know how to structure a project team by selecting most suitable and competent crew members.
Since there are many technologies being used for mobile application development for different operating systems, the environment of such localization projects could be very intricate with various technical requirements. To address that, we have gained access to major mobile platforms’ software development kits, including the interface builder, development environment, simulators and other necessary tools essential to mobile application localizations.

Need fast and professional Mobile App Localization services?

Prompt Communication
Besides periodic progress reports, CCJK will assign for each mobile app localization project a Project Manager, whom the client may contact for feedback anytime.

Quality Assurance (QA)
CCJK has forged a streamlined QA process for user guide / manual development projects that will guarantee both precision and clarity of the technical writing.

Punctual Delivery
Understanding what punctual delivery means to the client, CCJK has kept a sound record of punctuality in delivering various user guide development projects.

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