Recent years, Internet becomes more and more important in business battlefield, while we’re looking for SEO with high page rank in search engine, SMO has taken more effective than SEO.

Definition of SMO: (Via Wikipedia)

Social media optimization (also known as SMO) is the methodization of social media activity with the intent of attracting unique visitors to website content. SMO is one of many online methods of website optimization. One of the many other methods is search engine optimization or SEO.

To make it easier, making your user promote your website is what SMO really stands for.

Compared with SEO, SMO aims at People, while SEO aims at Machine (Search Engine), so when you have to choose one side to optimize, which one would you choose?

I bet the answer is pretty clear!

Differences between SEO and SMO

The key purpose of SEO is make your URLs at your website perform better in the search engine, that what i said “a high page rank”

Instead, SMO is make your URLs spread by the Internet users but with one condition: you should have fascinating content.

Of course, i can’t summary SEO and SMO in a few words or in one article, but what i said above are their key points.

If you could take great advantage of SMO, your URLs can spread one by one, to their friends, friends’ friends…

All you need to do is offering a piece of valuable content.

To be frank, you can never think about how hard the initial stages of SEO are, with a new website, you have nothing, no page rank, no external links, etc. You have to go through every blogs, forums and websites to post your links, even thoung it’s hard, it takes effect some how.

But when it comes to SMO, no matter how many links you have posted, how many accounts you’ve registered, seldom traffic will go to your websites.

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Here is the reason:

1. Neither Google can catch the data of facebook and twitter (recent days parts of twitter are available), nor Baidu can catch the data of Sina Weibo, for most the Social media website, they are seldom included in search engine, even if included, the links are generated in shorten.

2. If you get no friends or fans in your social media, doing SMO is like talking to yourself…

To be this far, i think you have had a good impression of SMO, I’ll talk something more about this in the coming articles.

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