Long Sentences Translation

When we confront long sentences, the complicated sentence and logic construction often makes us confused, so it’s important for us to completely comprehend its meaning and logical construction. Then we can analyze the sentence construction and reconstruct the sentence in the target language.

Firstly, we should find out the clauses or sub-meaning of the sentence:

e.g. 1

All diamondrelated activities take place within walking distance, through a network of companies in a totally secured environment, backed by strong institutions that help and encourage business.

This sentence is easy to understand, but not that easy to reconstruct them into Chinese due to the various modifiers. Divide the whole sentence into small sections, make clear their sense, then piece them together – in Chinese.

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1①All diamondrelated activities 2②take place ③within walking distance, ④through a network of companies ⑤in a totally secured environment, //3⑥backed by strong institutions that help and encourage business.










In English, the sentence sequence is 1-2-3 (①②③④⑤⑥). If we reconstruct the sections in the same order, the translation might be as the following:


Then the second version, changing the order of the pieces:①⑤⑥④②③


Then the third version, whose order is like this:1-2-3(①⑤④②③⑥


① 一切与钻石有关的活动⑤在绝对安全的环境中开展,④通过由各家公司组成的网络,②③在近在咫尺的范围内进行,⑥并得到那些商业促进机构的大力支

② 一切与钻石有关的活动,⑥都在商业促进机构的大力支持下,⑤在绝对安全的环境中,④通过由各家公司组成的网络,②③在近在咫尺的范围内进行

Then the last version, whose order is:1-3-2(①⑥⑤④②③)

Sometimes, the sentence could be separated into two clauses in Chinese:

e.g. 2

Contractor is solely responsible for payment of all compensation owed to Contractor’s staff that Contractor assigns to CCJKTrans’ projects.

承包商全权负责支付其派遣至 CCJKTrans 项目的承包商员工的所有应付报酬。

承包商如果安排其员工处理 CCJKTrans 的项目,这些员工的工资费用等应由承包商独自承担。

e.g. 3

It is understood and agreed that Contractor accepts full and exclusive liability for the payment of any and all contributions and taxes imposed by the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, the Federal Social Security Act, any applicable national, state or local taxation code, any applicable national, state, or local unemployment insurance law, and any and all contributions, taxes, or penalties for unemployment insurance or old age retirement benefits, pensions, or annuities that are measured by the wages, salaries, or other remuneration paid to Contractor, now or hereafter imposed by the government of the United States or the government of any applicable nation or state.

双方理解并同意,承包商接受完整和排他责任,支付由经修订的 1986 年《国内税收法》、《联邦社会安全法案》、任何现行国家、州或地方税收法案、任何现行国家、州或地方失业保险法规定的任何和所有出资和税金,以及目前或今后由美国政府或任何适用国家或州政府强制支付的任何及全部出资、税金,或失业保险金或退休福利、养老金,或由工资、薪金或支付给承包商的其他报酬量度的年金。

双方了解并同意,对于以下各项,承包商将独立承担全部支付责任:根据《1986 年国内税收法案》修订版、《联邦社会保险法案》、任何适用的国家、州以及地方税收法案和失业保险法律规定而征收的任何供款或税金;以及由美国政府或任何适用的国家或州政府,根据支付给承包商的工资、薪酬或其他费用,于当前或以后征收的所有供款、税金、失业保险罚金、老年退休金、养老金、年金等。