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CCJK is a leading IT translation agency with refined standards of precision. We provide customized IT translation solutions tailored to the unique linguistic demands of our global clients. Our translators have extensive years of experience, and they are well-versed in industrial intricacies that allow them to bypass complex technical jargon.

We also maintain your information security and data integrity throughout the translation project lifecycle. With our linguists’ extensive knowledge of IT concepts and terminologies, we are committed to deliver error-free translation for your technical content.

Get Premium Quality IT Translations in Any Language

Improve your global business strategy with CCJK’s quality IT and Telecoms translation services. With our unparalleled expertise in the IT field, we help our clients craft a localized user experience for their tech audience. Here, we meticulously evaluate your translations and follow a rigorous QA testing process to provide the best IT translation services.

We are your trusted IT translation company with technical specialization in 230+ languages. Your IT translation projects are handled by tech-savvy professionals with advanced language proficiency. They follow all cybersecurity protocols to avoid any data breaches.


Our Qualified IT Translators

The CCJK team of subject matter expert translators, with profound understanding of the IT industry and cultural intelligence, enables global IT enterprises to bridge the linguistic barrier.

We help you localize your IT content so it resonates with your target audience, keeping your brand voice consistent across all regions. Whether you want to translate whitepapers or software technical documentation for a global team of developers, we got you covered. Our ICT translators have technical and telecom expertise, as well as proficiency in both source and target language, to offer remarkable translation services.

We Provide All Types of IT and Telecom Translation Services

Get the best-in-class IT translations by seasoned translators who understand the nuances of your technical content and provide specialized language solutions. We offer tailored ICT documents translation as well as translation for all sorts of IT documents, for example;

  • API Documentations
  • Software User Manuals
  • IT Websites
  • Whitepapers
  • How-To Guides
  • Case Studies
  • Newsletters
  • Blogs and Articles
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Getting The IT Terminology Right

The development of software, websites, and firmware includes complex and technical terms. Translating these terms requires exceptional expertise and industry-relevant knowledge. Accurate and precise IT translation improves the user experience and helps in the better handling of the software. With a subject-matter expert by your side, you can ensure error-free translation of your software, websites, and IT-relevant documents.

At CCJK, we have a team of highly-trained and expert translators. With their experience and deep knowledge, they know how to translate complex and technical terms and provide foolproof IT translation services. With our quality check procedure, we double-check every document and leave not a single word unattended.


CCJK brings more than 20 years of experience providing native-quality IT translation services at the best prices.


30,000+ native translators

We’re a diverse tribe of 30,000 professional translators who only translate in their first language and specialty area, ensuring well-worded, localized translations every time.


Quick turnaround

We boast some of the fastest turnaround times in the translation industry. However, this does not compromise our commitment to quality.  


ISO certified

Being an ISO-compliant IT Translation translation company, we promise translation services of the highest quality humanly possible. 


230+ languages

We present your business to the world in as many as 230 languages and 800+ language combinations. From English to Japanese, Arabic to Cajun - we’ve got the entire globe covered.

Our clients

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