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Are you planning to expand to new hot spots around different corners of the world? As the oil and gas industry grows, you need to be able to communicate in multiple languages, therefore CCJK explicitly offers its Oil and Gas translation services. 

Our team of native experts makes the written and verbal communication possible with accurate Oil and Gas translation and interpretation services. Since the oil and gas industries are technical, we ensure that translators chosen for the translation project are experts. Their knowledge and expertise in the oil and gas industries are phenomenal. Since our team is highly trained and in the technical domain, the translator’s work experience comes in handy. 

Documents We Translate

  • AutoCAD drawing and files
  • marketing brochures
  • RFPs
  • MicroStation files
  • Service manuals
  • Patents
  • Technical specifications
  • Process descriptions

Oil and Gas Terminology

A translator’s job also includes editing, proofreading, and ensuring the delivery of the accurate translation. CCJK is proud to have a pool of translators for all industrial domains. The training, certifications, and work experience in oil and gas industry projects is one way to ensure that the appointed translators will keep your information in proper check. Our translators proofread the content carefully, update it with help of translation tools, and understand the use of the right terminologies as well. 

Since oil and gas industry translation is technical, translators keep the international translation standard in mind for architecture, pipeline, instrumentation, drilling, exploration, and much more. After all, the right use of terminologies for each domain in multi-languages is important. 

Oil and Gas Translation Services Articles


Oil and gas industry projects are technical. Technical translation takes more time than other translation projects. However, we do assure a fast turnaround time.
Documents are proofread throughout the translation process. Translators hired for the project are well experts in native languages and have work experience too. Besides, the use of translation tools makes translation more efficient.
The cost of each translation project varies. Contrary to other translation technical translation costs can vary a lot. Costs will highly depend on the word count and language pairs for the oil and gas industry.
Security protocols are placed to ensure the documents are safe and sound. For extra measures, translators also sign NDAs to ensure document confidentiality.
Yes, of course. We recruit a pool of translators from various niches. Subject matter experts are handed the projects after careful consideration to ensure the best quality translation.

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