The education system is multidimensional and may require professional translations on multiple occasions. Whether a website of an education institution needs to be localized or an academic documents need to be translated we offer expert academic translation services that match your requirements to the fullest.
Our stringent quality control system and specialized localization solutions enable us to provide highly accurate content by native professionals. We cater to all academic documents including certifications / attestation for Academic Transcripts, Degrees and Educational Certificates.

certified translation services
certified translation services

Diplomas, degrees, certificated and transcripts

Degrees and certificate need to be translated with great precision and accuracy. These documents cannot be adapted or changed in any manner to suit a particular audience. The chance of error in such documents is Cleary none.
Our experienced and accredited, native translators understand the sensitive nature of degrees and other academic services. We offer specialized translations of all your certificates, degrees and transcripts. We provide the high quality academic translations that are completely reliable.

Website localization

We understand the requirements and expectation associated with academic translations. We provide highly engaging translations for your website that has been developed while keeping in view the audience you are targeting. Whether it is your institution’s website or a community program, you can expect a completely localized website to be delivered to you. CCJK is your partner of trust in academia.

website localization
certified translation services

Training material

Training material plays a pivotal role for the instructors as well as the students. Our professional translators have mastered the art of translating training materials in the most engaging yet accurate manner. Your translations will have the same tone and style as the original document. Our translations are culturally relevant and highly appropriate.

Quality Control System

Customer Care is Our Secret Mantra

Strict TEP Process

We adhere to a TEP(Translation, editing and proofreading) process. Your documents will be edited and proofread. If you have any concerns our customer care team is vailable for you 24/7.


Each project is assigned a project manager who ensures that all your queries are answered. They constantly stay in touch with the client and the translator to make the whole process seamless.

ISO 9001-2008

We are ISO 9001:2008 certified. We follow all the quality management guidelines in order to endure world class quality for all our clients.

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