Basic Czech Phrase

Hi, Hello – (informal) Ahoj
Help – Pomoc
Please – Prosim (PRO-seem)
Thank you – Dekuji (D’-e-kwee-ee)
Yes – Ano (AW-no)
No – (Ne neh)
Hello – (Dobry den DOE-bree-den)
Goodbye – Na shledanou – (NA SKLE-dawn-o)
Do you speak English?- Mluvite anglicky? (MLOO-vee-tay awn-GLITS-kee?)
Good evening – Dobry vecer
Good night – Dobrou noc
One – Jeden (he), Jedna (she), Jedno (it) (YED-en, YED-na, YED-no )
Excuse me – Prominte (Pro-MIN-tay)
Where is …? – Kde je…? (GDAY ye … ?)
Where is the metro? – Kde je metro? (GDAY ye metro?)
Where is the bathroom? – Kde jsou toalety? (GDAY sow TOWA-aletty?)
One beer – Jedno pivo (YED-no pi-vo.)
Please, you are welcome – prosim (PRO-seem)
Another (beer), please – Jeste jedno (pivo), prosim (YESH-ty-e YED-no (pi-vo), PRO-seem)
How much does it cost? – Kolik to stoji? (Koe-LEEK toe STOY yee?)
Washroom, Toilet; – Zachod, WC
Currency exchange – Smenarna
I do not understand – Nerozumim
I need…- Potrebuju…
It is too expensive – To je moc drahe
Police – Policie
Thank you – Dekuju

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