We love to have more and more clients but keeping previous clients is more cost effective rather than finding new clients. If you have few clients, you should make sure that they will work with you.

Do you know why client stop buying or abandon you? Very simple client is not getting the proper attention that he deserves.

Perhaps they don’t get a reply to their email quick enough if at all. Or they sense that their custom is not respected enough because they have to go through a support desk and talk to someone other than their contact. One work “available” you should always be available to your client, provide him proper feedback whether something needs time to be done or whatever, always stay in touch. Make them feel that you hear them and honor them.

Setting practical expectations is very important to keep your clients motivated and track. You must always know

1) What your client needs?

2) And what your client is expecting?

It is a two way road, you must know what they want and you should let them know what you expect from them. Staying motivated is also very crucial, you should let know your client that his work is of same importance to you as to him, because if your client earn then you would automatically earn.

You can stay motivated if you if you set small milestones and achievable tasks and your client should measure the progress. At the end I must say you should be very honest, realistic yet gentle to your client.

Keeping your old customers stick to you is far more cost effective than to look for the new one.

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