Everyone’s dream is to be happy in life, work and everything else he does. There are only 1 of 3 people are very happy according to Huffington Post 2013, so if you are depressed alone then don’t worry because you are not alone.

According to Martin Seligman a well-known psychologist in his recent TED talk he shared that we believe that “Pleasure will bring us happiness, we were wrong.”

When we feel unhappy we want to get rid of this feeling and we want to have fun, it makes logic. We can go to cinema, water park, party, shopping but these things only makes us feel happy for a certain amount of time they don’t have eternal impact. So this leads us that we avoid life and get more wretched.

We can get multitude of happiness by just making some things better that didn’t cost us money but repay us a lot. It will make this world a better place to live. The thing that makes you happy is “Purpose”, what is the purpose of your life? And to work for the purpose makes you happy and if your ethics are also associated with the purpose then you feel fulfilled.

Every person is different from another person, same goes with the purpose. Everyone tend to have a different purpose in life and that’s how life works. Someone wants to be a pilot and someone wants to build airplanes. No one’s purposes collide, that’s the beauty of life.

First of all you have to choose a group which is important or you can say the thing that you like to do. So when your liking and your purpose will combines then you will work with all your energy and when you will achieve your purpose that gives you eternal happiness.

For me I want to build an orphan house and I also want to do for people who are starving from hunger. I don’t have dream to earn lots of money but I have dream to distribute my money and my happiness with the people who lacks it.

Start looking for the purpose of your life; life without a purpose is not worth living. When you will find your purpose work for it, then you will feel happy.

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