Kanye West: Apple Bought Beats Because Samsung Cooperated with Jay Z

在戛纳广告节的一场新闻发布会上,音乐制作人 Kanye West 就苹果收购 Beats 一事发表了自己的看法,他认为企业与流行文化作衔接是很重要的。Kanye West 认为,如果不是去年三星和 Jay Z 有过一次合作的话,苹果收购 Beats 的交易永远不会发生。因为那次合作让三星的品牌有了一些酷的成分,而这一点是很难用金钱换来的。

During the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, Kanye West, a famous music producer, made his comments on Apple’s acquisition of Beats at a press conference, in which he laid importance on interface between enterprise and popular culture. West believed Apple’s purchase never would have happened if Jay Z hadn’t struck a deal with Samsung. Because that cooperation gave Samsung an element of cool that’s generally hard to buy with money.

Kayne West 是忠实的苹果粉丝,尤其是乔布斯的死忠。他觉得苹果自从乔布斯离开时候就逐渐与文化界失去了接触,但是收购 Beats 显示出苹果在重拾这条路线。

West is a big fan of Apple, and in particular Steve Jobs. West thinks that Apple has gradually lost some of its touch with culture since Jobs’ death, and he sees the Apple’s acquisition of Beat as a way to start getting that back.

From: The Huxiu

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