Isimplifiedchinese. com founder Sjors visits CCJK

4th Apr. CCJK news – Mr. Sjors, the founder of Isimplifiedchinese. com, visited CCJK today. Both sides discussed the development prospects of wireless technology and the vision to strengthen further cooperation. I simplifiedhinese is a leading iPhone application software, teaching foreigners to learn Chinese through human pronunciation.

Mr Sjors demonstrated the usage of the software in details, and deployed the development and promotion plans for the next phase of Isimplifiedchinese. Currently, CCJK provides Isimplifiedchinese for comprehensive and powerful support on its course design, voice teaching, and feedback to students’ pronunciations.

With China’s robust growth on economy, more and more foreigners have the realization that it’s very important to learn Chinese. Mr. Sjors is one of them, he is actually a Dutch who is with strong interest in Chinese, and developing Isimplifiedchinese, the Chinese-teaching application software.

For more details about Isimplifiedchinese, please visit, and Mr. Sjors’s official blog at:

http://sprovoost. nl/category/isimplifiedchinese.

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