What is the difference between Simplified and Traditional Chinese?

Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese are different variations of the written Chinese language. They have the same basic grammatical structure but for various cultural and historical reasons, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese use different writing systems and are not interchangeable. Therefore, you may need to prepare translations in both Simplified and Traditional.

Simplified Chinese is used and is the official writing system in mainland China (PRC) and in Singapore. Traditional Chinese is used and is the official writing system in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.

Traditional Chinese uses about 13,000 characters; some of the characters are highly complex. The complexity of this written system was one of the causes of widespread illiteracy in China for many years.

The Simplified Chinese writing system, which has about 8,000 characters, was introduced as an official writing language in 1949 in order to combat illiteracy.

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