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Technology is ever-evolving, this means a translation company needs to evolve the translation practices too. CCJK helps its clients to communicate with the global companies struggling to connect because of the language barrier and offers professional telecom translation services. With extensive experience in the telecom domain, a hub of native skilled linguists brief, interpret, and translate all types of documents that play a crucial role in the telecom industry.

The team of native subject matter experts works collaboratively to translate the documents in a fast turnaround time. The high complex volume of all telecom translation services project is handled professionally.

Documents We Translate

  • Investors guide 
  • Bylaws and regulatory frameworks 
  • Cloud computing
  • Telephone manual
  • Maintenance manual 
  • ICT applications
  • Online help content 

Telecom Terminology

The telecommunication industry vastly covers all major sectors. From pharmaceuticals to cellular services, they play a crucial role in letting (all types of) businesses connect. CCJK covers catalogs, marketing brochures, manuals, and every other document important in the telecom sector.

As a professional translation service provider, we understand that a team of subject matter experts are the best assets to handle telecom projects. Their knowledge and expertise and use of appropriate terminology make the translation accurate, from original content, with no room for error. 

Telecom Translation Services Articles


The requirements and specifications for each project are different. Which is why we cannot indicate a "clear" estimated time for the project. But we do ensure to deliver the project in a fast turnaround time.
CCJK acquires a pool of native experts to handle the translation projects. Besides, a well hybrid workflow comprising translators and translation tools is highly maintained to produce a quality document(s) in the target language.
We offer highly competitive costs (as per market rate) but it also depends on the language pair and the nature of documents. However, you can get a free quote right away.
Serious measures are taken to maintain the confidentiality of the documents. If the procedure continues offline then several steps are involved to transfer the content securely. Besides, our servers follow high protocol to ensure no data is ever leaked.
The Telecom industry thrives on SEO. That is why we not only translate the required documents but also translate the related keywords (upon requirement). This helps boost SEO practices.

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