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In these times when globalization is occurring at a rapid pace, our sources of energy are fast depleting. Nuclear energy offers a clean alternative to harmful gases emitted from the burning of fossil fuels. As the viability of using nuclear energy sources for energy generation gains momentum, the companies in this sector are seeking new ways of translating their content for international markets. That’s where you need our professional nuclear translation services.

Our expert translators hold commendable experience in technical translations related to energy sector. With an almost two decades’ worth of experience, these linguists ensure your content related to nuclear energy—be it proposals or programming plans, is translated into the language of your choice, at the most affordable rates and fast turnaround times.

Documents We Translate

  • Operation and maintenance manuals
  • Equipment manuals
  • Specialist reports
  • Performance data of installations
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Social impact assessments
  • Product, technical and operating manuals
  • Websites, marketing materials and PowerPoint presentations
  • Petrochemical industry translations of all types
  • Technical proposals
  • Technical specifications
  • Tender documents
  • Insurance policies
  • International standards
  • Weight measures
  • Strategic assessments
  • Business contracts
  • Legislation

Nuclear Terminology

The terminology of the nuclear and energy sector is extremely complex in nature and requires technical expertise to translate in order to preserve the real meaning of the terms.

Our expert translators have ample expertise and experience in the translation of complex and technical documents related to nuclear energy. We understand the critical importance of communication between the energy companies and therefore, offer high-quality professional nuclear translation services specially tailored to fit the requirements of global energy companies. In addition, we have a strong and demonstrable track record of assisting energy companies in international communication for providing the benefits of globalization.

Nuclear Translation Services Articles


Documents related to the nuclear industry require attention to detail and ample time. However, our translators work efficiently to deliver the project in the fastest turnaround time and they translate around 3000 words per day.
In-depth knowledge of the industry is the core skill of our native translators. We hire subject matter experts who are aware of the terminologies and can work under pressure and translated documents are always revised before they are delivered to the client.
Nuclear projects consist of technical information and details. In addition to the language pair, the technical nature of the content is a vital factor here. You can get a free quote now to assess the cost.
We understand nuclear projects contain sensitive information. We use a secure server which consists of layers of security and backup in place to avoid any mishap.
A translator has to go through a proven track record of translation in the relevant language, the portfolio and in-depth knowledge are focused while sample work is also drawn before hiring a translator.

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