Indonesian Language Translation Services

Indonesian Translation Services

Elite Indonesian Translation

Lost in translation is not a joke

We, understand the individual file type and format of your every and each translation job

Good translation is far than literal translation
We, work to your choice of style, feeling and terminology

Your project deserves professional expertise

We, work with industries specialists mother-tongue

translators/editor/proofreader with proven expertise

We, seamlessly incorporate your style guides and bespoke check lists into your current job

We, work use your existing translation memory and update or create new memory

We, work conduct independent reviews by 3rd party translators/proofreaders

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Up to date Project Management System

We work with teams of people all over the world, our project management system Back Office gives us complete control over even the most complex multilingual projects. This self-developed system gives us an easy way to follow the advancement of every project that we are currently working on and dynamic management information. With the help of this intellective back up system, your translation work will be best took care.

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Experienced and veteran Project Managers

• They understand your project requirements

• They have a good understanding about the materials you want us to handle with

• They know the wisdom to best leverage quality and timing

• They make sure scientific resource allocation

• They guarantee appropriate project scheduling

Industry proven Translation Technology

We use SDLTrados and WordFast, Transit, Passolo, Catalyst etc. to best leverage previously translated contents and provide consistent copy. All of these systems are integrated into our workflow, which in turn can be connected to yours. They allow us handling with urgent and large volume translation requests meaning we can place many Indonesian translators or other language translators onto an urgent project for a short period of time to complete it quickly with any compromise on quality.

Continuous grow by absorbing both positive and negative experience
Customer satisfaction is always our highest priority. After the completion of each project we ask our clients for constructive feedbacks about our service. This information is used to help us to continually improve.

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Some knowledge about English to Indonesian Translation

Q: How many people are there speak Indonesian? Do I have a need to localize my products/service in this market?

A: Indonesia is the fourth most populous nation in the world. Of its large population the number of people who fluently speak Indonesian is fast approaching 100%, thus making Indonesian one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. So do not delay, choose, start your Indonesian translation ASAP and get ahead your competitors!

Q: How many major ethno-lingustic groups of Indonesia?

A: More than 700 living languages are spoken in Indonesia. The official language is Indonesian (locally known as Bahasa Indonesia), a modified version of Malay, which is used in commerce, administration, education and the media, but most Indonesians speak local languages, such as Javanese, as their first language.

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