Task, Challenge and Solution to be indexed and ranked by Korean search engines

Please arrange for the two major Korean Search engines to index and rank our New Korean Site. – We are presently not indexed or ranked with Naver and Daum. Naver has 70% of the Korean domestic market. Daum has 18% of the Korean domestic market.

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1. Naver is a combination of Search Engine + Portal Site. Its search results include various contents from advertisement, document, website, picture, video, news to knowledge iN. All these results display in front of a visitor as a whole by default. For example, by searching “Thailand travel” (Korean equivalent 태국 여행), the following page display:

The first three sections are AD which is not relevant to SEO. The forth segment is Naver’s Kowledge iN, something like Baidu ZhiDao. Only the fifth section displays the pages for organic search. However, in this only section where SEO efforts can make, only 5 positions provided, which make it’s extremely hard to be listed in this area. The followed sections are for classified directories, news, pictures and video etc. traditional information where SEO can hardly work.

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2. Naver’s ranking system adopts the way of machine algorithm + artificial ranking. To present the most wanted search results to visitors, naver use artificial ranking for those public and popular information such as daily life, travel and tourism, entertainment and news etc. You cannot last long in the listing if your content is not friendly to visitor, means one’s SEO efforts could be dramatically compromised due to the artificial ranking method.

3. Naver is famous for its closed system where most of the content is developed on its own. Also it operates as a portal site and owns its own Knowledge iN base, the third party websites tend to be excluded.

Your English home page has been indexed by Naver and daum, but not for your sites of the other languages. To promote your site on Korean search engines, we suggest you throw away the conventional SEO approach you used for Google and Yahoo etc. You need to employ somebody who understands Korean to push Q & A on Knowledge iN, publish articles and pictures from your Korean site. The good thing is, the content on your site around travel and tourism subject fit in with Naver’s appetite on pubic entertainment well. This is where we can develop.

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