Korean (한국어) is the official language of South Korea (한국어). Number of the users is about 60 million now, mainly in the Korean (한국어) Peninsula, Northeast of China, the middle Asia and so on. The vocabulary of Korean (한국어) includes inherent Korean words, Chinese characters and borrowed words from foreign language words. The markers of Korean (한국어) contains Chinese characters and Korean characters.

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However, Chinese characters are ideographic characters, and Korean ones are the phonemic words. The ancient Korean people of the nation’s had not their own characters for a long-term, so they borrowed Chinese characters to keep their history, and use the Chinese characters to express Korean (한국어).

But there is a natural difference between Chinese and Korean (한국어).As well as the huge amount of Chinese characters, there were not any chance for the ordinary Koreans to learn Chinese culture, until the Korean King Sejong of the Joseon Dynasty created their national language, that is current Korean (한국어).

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The table of Korean pronunciation:

There are 40 Korean letters in all, which contain 21 vowels and 19 consonants.

【The Single Vowel】


【The Double vowels】

ㅐ, ㅒ,ㅔ,ㅖ,ㅘ,ㅚ,ㅙ,ㅝ,ㅞ,ㅟ,ㅢ

【The Basic Consonants】


【The Tight Consonants】


The detailed introduction about Korean characters will be published in the next blog.

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