It is important to have professional knowledge and skills to obtain and retain your job, but an uphill task without effective communication. That is to say the effective communication is an essential part of our daily life and work. I think it is important to enterprise existence and development.

As a resource management, sometimes I have to contact freelancer from Proz or via email to handle our urgent translation project. We don’t know each other before, but I have to ask him or her to cooperate with us. And how can I let him believe me? And let him know I do have the project? While the first thing we getting to know each other are just through communication, while the effective communication will be the beginning of a long and pleasant business association.

At the same time, I think the effective communication between the colleagues is also important. Take myself for an example, before one of our PM has an urgent translation project, she asked me to contact some freelancers who can take this project, of course, that is my duty. But before ask for my help, she has contacted many translators, they all not available. And next, it’s my duty to help her to find someone who can handle this project. Here, first I have to explain that I had not the good place, because I didn’t ask her which translators she has contacted to avoid contacting the same person. And she also didn’t tell me about this. Unfortunately, I’ve contacted the same person who has received the email from the PM before. Actually the translator is not available. Here wasting a lot of time.

After this matter, I’ve got to know if we get more communication before, we won’t be waste time doing seemingly things. Worse of all, we didn’t get anyone who can handle this project at that time. So through this thing, I can see that effective communication can make the individual team members more effective, make people produce significant increase in speed and efficiency. The high or low benefit of the company is the direct reflection of the efficiency of company members. Although there are many reasons for influencing the working efficiency of members, the effective communication is one of the most important factors. Second, it also can increase the cohesion of the colleagues. Good relationship contributes to cohesion. If we have a harmonious relationship with others, I believe we can help each other, support each other, and in the work hope everybody together, for the company to create the higher benefit.

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