As a excellent sales, the good communication is very important when we deal with different kinds of business, I would like to share with you my some bad communication experience in IT and Translation projects that cause trouble for clients and our resources.

Project one: Book PDF to web format

The client Descriptions & Requirements:

I have multipage and single page PDFs in 2 column book formatting from a book that I need put into an HTML web pages, format in one column, one page. Table of contents should be included utilizing bookmark links.

The content of each page should be within a table no wider than 800px. I will be inserting this into my sites frame. The content is in chinese.
There should be a total of 204 pages (74 files).

CCJK solution

For this project, the client has 4 mainly requirements of following: 1: convert PDF to HTML page 2. The one PDF file will put in one column, one HTML page 3. The table of contents should be included utilizing bookmark links 4.The content of each page should be within a table no wider than 800px.

When I submit the trial work to client confirm, the problems come out: the client mentioned bookmarks links is not only on the table of contents, because for some PDF pages are very long, the client also need to put “ back to top” links on some page bottom for convenience readers, because of not making all details clearly that cause trouble for both client and us.

When I confirm the final fixed version of trial work with client, all things is fine and we could start the rest pages then, just I not mentioned to our Technical Team that rest pages should be the same with the trial work pages, another problems happened again: our rest pages coding CSS is conflit with previous CSS used in trial work, they used different CSS for the same project, whether we choose the update CSS or previous CSS to insert into client website, any one will have problems. We have to modify one to keep CSS the same, because I not emphasis the CSS should be the same to our Technical Team, our resources have to take too much time and energy to rework for this project.

Project two: translate a file from English to 4 languages:


The client provide us a Excel form with source language and target language. But I ignore to make clearly with client about her words limit and which target language her wanted, when I submit our finished one to her, two kinds of language number more than her words required, we have to modify it, though it is a very small projects, we also need to make uncertain factors clearly with client first before start to do project.

From this two cases, I deeply understand how importance of good communication between clients and our team, no matter which side ignores important information will cause trouble. Maybe many sales have the same experience with me, as long as to strengthen communication, these conditions can be varying degrees of ease.

The order is the lifeblood of enterprise development, and the orders achievement will need good communication between sales and client, our company internal communication.

Communication itself is process of learning, everyone has different thinking angles and way of doing things, we should use different ways to deal with different projects, many times we can not solve problems thoroughly if we use conventional methods, so we should more discuss with different people, explore a good way and let myself get rapid growth in communication.

Hear and see more, more practice to learn more, improve our communication skills to promote projects go smoothly.

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