Huawei Representative Visited CCJK

23rd Dec 2011, Victor Wang, Director of TSC-TMT, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. visited CCJK.

10:00 AM morning Friday, a sunny day with birds signing joyously in the trees around JiaDa Building, Victor came to CCJK punctually for an important consultative business meeting with members in Engineering Dept. of CCJK.

Victor is the first VIP potential client to visit CCJK since we attended 2011 China Localization Service Forum held in Shenzhen half month ago.

Alan Wang, Managing Director of CCJK, hosted the meeting and introduced to the client the company and work flow for localization with details.

“With Huawei cutting into consumer electronics and terminal devices in telecommunications industry, we are in large need of translation for these electronic products, and we are seeking partners who can fulfill tight-schedule deliveries. But most importantly, we have to do translation with the concept of “what to see is what to get”. Victor said, “However, most of the localization tools on the current marketplace do not support Java well, but almost all tele-products at Huawei are developed with Java technologies, and that is a big headache!”

To meet such requirements, the engineering team of CCJK promised they would indulge into the development of translation tools with decent support for Java,.

Other key topics discussed between the guest and host:

The trends of product localization and translation, especially in Consumer Electronics field

Software Localization Tools suitable for UI translation, such as Catalyst, Passolo, Sisulizer, etc

Terminology and TM Management – Multiterm and Trados

Process and QA of CHS-EN and Multilingual Translation Project – CCJK Backoffice

At 1:00 PM with the duration as long as 3 hours, this meeting was successfully concluded with fruitful results!

Consultative business meeting with Huawei

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