CAT tools is very important for translators and PMs, since it will help us to keep the correct format and create a TM to save our work. Nowadays, there are many major CAT tools, for example, Trados 2007, Studio 2009, Passolo,Idiom, SDLX, Transit XV.

Here, I will introduce how to use SDLX.

There are two ways to start your translation process with SDLX.

The first method. when you first start SDLX by selecting: Start -> Programs -> SDL International -> SDL Trados 2007 -> SDLX, then the SDLX Switchboard will be displayed.

The second method. First step, you should go to the folder where the file that you want to translate is located. Second step, please right click on the file and select “Translate with SDLX”. Third step, select your source language by clicking on the “…” next to the Source language box, and select the language. Do the same for the target language. Click on the “…” next to the Target language box, select the language.

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If you already have a Translation Memory (TM) you need to select the TM accordingly by operating TM (optional)dialog box.

Now all preparation work is ready, you can click OK button to create an itd file which you can fill in your translation.