8. Evaluate all factors.

It’s useful to use rate of being opened to evaluate the title; but you also need to take other factors into consideration. Sometimes, the mail with low rate of being rate has a high rate of being replied and making an order. Besides, many individual persons may show no interest in your letter, but it’s possible that a group or a team may have a great interest in the same letter and they will open it, read it and even order your products or service. Therefore, segment your target and send customized information correspondingly.

9. Don’t use fixed group to test your mail title.

The price of finding a fixed group is rather high. According to our experience, using other targets for testing is better than using a fixed group. Create a record, and note all the good or bad titles down. You should also record the opening rate, downloading rate, and replying rate and so on. Check the data at frequent intervals.

10. Avoid using the same title.

Though a title may have a good effect in the past, it doesn’t mean that it will feasible at the present time, for things is changing all the time. If you use the same title for the same group or individual, you can seldom expect a good result. The two letters with same title but different bodies will be regarded as the same one and will be more likely to be deleted.

If you send mails every week or every month and all letters’ titles are the same, your target will be bored. Moreover, if your competitors find that you using the same title repeatedly, they will think that title is very successful and try to copy it. In that case, you are competing with yourselves, isn’t it?

11. Avoid using the fixed words

Never use capitalized words in the title. Exclamation mark is prohibited, too. As long as your mail’s content looks real and true, most customers will reply.

Some words are defined as junk words, for example, non-taxable. Some words are not considered as junk words, but they will also decrease the replying rate, such as help, discount, and reminder letters. So avoid using such words when making a title.

12. Don’t use current event or version number for a title

Current events or version number is meaningless for readers and it shows nothing about the mail’s content. Title is very important and we must not waste the opportunity to introduce the key points to the targets.

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13. Using deadline for trail sometimes

Once in a while, you can use deadline or urgent in the title. For example, you can write “only 5 days left” for emails on Monday; then you write “only 24 hours left” for emails on Thursday. Titles like those are ok. But don’t form the habit of using deadline or using deadline frequently, for the mail subscribers will be bored with the letters which make them feel like out of breath.

Those thirteen tips are some experience I want share with you about Email title making. If you have any other good advice or comment, please do not hesitate to let me know.

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