The translation industry is one of the lucrative industries of all time. Do you want to know why? This is because to live in the globalized world, we must communicate with people that speak multiple languages. As human beings, we cannot learn all the languages so we are always in dire need of translation services. Whether you are traveling to a foreign country for a leisure trip or want to expand your business globally, translation is required in almost every field. This resulted in the emergence of many types of translation services.

The requirement of translation in every field is unique. Therefore, many translation companies are working around the globe. They employ a team of native translators that can fulfill all your translation specifications and requirements. Moreover, translation companies help you in developing the glossary and the translation memory so that you can maintain consistency in your translation and once the translation is done, you don’t have to translate the same content again and again. This helps you in saving time, money, and duplication of work.

To get high-quality translations, you must communicate your requirements to the translation service provider. In this way, they will get an idea of what type of translation you are looking for.

Types of Translation

Translation services are used both for business purposes and non-business purposes. Translation falls under both categories. Let’s dive into the different types of translation services that are in demand.

Software Translation

It includes the translation of the user interface, dialogue boxes, altering the features that resonate with the target market. It also involves adding local components to it. Many global companies that have subsidiaries in other regions provide them with a localized version of the software so that they can develop products and services that resonate with the local market. For example software localization for the Brazilian Portuguese market is different from software localization for the European Portuguese market.

For software localization, companies must consider internationalization. For example, Nike is a global brand. They should not make software for different regions but they can translate their software into multiple languages while considering regional and cultural intricacies. If your software is translated into multiple languages then it will save you a lot of money. Moreover, users have the convenience of using the software in the language of their choice. Before releasing your software in the market, don’t forget to test it otherwise it will ruin your company’s reputation.

Literary Translation

Literary translation as the name suggests is the translation that refers to the translation of literary work like stories, poems, plays, and novels. It is the most difficult type of translation because it is very hard to deliver the intended message of the prose to the target market. Therefore while doing literary translation, you should take into consideration the emotions, feelings, and humor according to the cultural differences. The most difficult part is to translate poetry, idioms, puns, and rhyming words. Most of the time in literary translation the intended message of the content is lost in translation. You may come across some humorous jokes. When these jokes are translated into another language, they don’t make you laugh. Therefore it is a tough part of the translator’s job to do the literary translation.

Legal Translation

Another type of translation that is very complicated is legal translation. It deals with the translation of immigration documents, birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates. Moreover, the translation of contracts, wills, treaties, wills, and many more. One important thing to keep in mind is that every country has a separate legal system so you should go for a native legal translator who knows the legal laws of the specific country and is a subject matter expert of its field. Any error in legal translation will change the scope of the document and will get you havoc results. Legal translation cannot be done by laymen because legal systems have their unique terminologies that can only be handled by a person who is good both in linguistics and jurisdictions. Therefore go for a professional legal translator to get seamless legal translation services.

Website Translation

Website is the first source of customer interaction with your company. Due to digitalization, people are moving towards e-commerce despite brick-and-mortar stores. If you want to expand your business outside the borders in no time then website translation is the best option to opt. People opt to buy products and services from a website that is in their native language. Therefore, if you want to tap into a foreign market then you must translate your website into the language of the target market. Website translation involves the translation of website content, videos, currencies, date, time, and format to attract the target market. You should try to translate your website and localize the website in multiple languages so that more people can view your site and browsers turn into customers. It is recommended to use a website translation management system so that you can frequently update the website otherwise you will lag in digital competition.

Technical Translation

With technological advancement, we have come across many innovative products in the market. Just take an example of cell phones, we came across the next models of the phone every month. To understand the user manual and guidelines of cell phones and other innovative products, we need the help of technical translations. Big companies that are in manufacturing fields required the training material that tells them how to operate the huge technical machines. Look, how important the technical translation is. In technical translation, formatting is very important. Therefore desktop publishing is used in it. Moreover, graphics and screenshots are used in editing to make content readable for the target audience.

It is recommended to use a content management system for technical translation to save money. The technical translator should know the technical terminologies that are used in the specific industry. You should provide information about your industry to the translator. On the other hand, translation companies should use a translation management system. It will integrate your translation tasks and will lower the operating cost.

Technical translation is also very complicated. A single mistake in it can do financial and human losses. Therefore you should look for a translation company that is ISO certified and follows stringent rules to provide you with seamless technical translation services.

Commercial Translation

What is commercial translation? It is the type of translation that deals with the translations of commercial documents like company accounts, memos, tenders, minutes of meetings, and many more. Infect, commercial translation is a type of business translation. The translator, who opts for commercial translation should be aware of the terminologies that are used in the global business world. Sometimes it is like legal translation because when somebody needs to establish a business in a foreign land, they must fulfill legal formalities for business

Medical Translation

Medical translation is very critical as it is related to human health. It involves the translation of doctor’s prescriptions, medical trials, labeling packaging of medicines and medical equipment, and medical research papers. It is very important for the medical translator to be a subject matter expert in the medical field and possess prior knowledge. Here the important thing to note is that the medical translator should also be native because medical rules are also different in various countries. For example, some medicines are banned. Error-free medical translation is imperative for human health so your translation company should be ISO certified. It shows the credibility of the translation company that it will provide you with seamless medical translation services.

Wrapping Up

There are many more different types of translations like machine translation, certified translation, notarized translation, financial translation, and many more. Each translation requirement is different and it requires different skill sets. No doubt every translator should be proficient in linguistics but industry knowledge and prior experience will increase the credibility of both the translator and translation company.


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