Europe is the second-smallest continent in the world and many countries in Europe. It consists of the area towards the West, including the peninsula of Eurasia. What is Eurasia? It is the landmass that is included in both Asia and Europe and consists of one-fifteenth of the total land area. Europe is bordered by the Arctic Ocean on the Northside, the Mediterranean Sea, the Caspian Sea, the Black Sea, and the Kuma-Manych Depression on the Southside and the Atlantic Ocean on the Westside.

Among the four continents of the world, Europe is considered a continent of a discrepancy because of the small addition of Eurasia. Its limited and extended edge towards the North Atlantic Ocean provides geography and latitude, making it an amiable place for human habitation. It became the land of many distinctive civilizations. Despite the diversity in Europe, it functioned differently in human history apart from the world. According to Christopher Marlowe, Europe is the infinite riches in a little room.

Number of Countries in Europe

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Do you know the total number of countries in Europe? It’s 44. According to UN Geoscheme, 9 countries are present in Western Europe, 10 countries lie in Eastern Europe, Southern Europe occupies 15 countries and 10 countries lie in Northern Europe. Let’s have a look at the amazing countries that are present in Europe.

1- Vatican

The State of Vatican City is independent in the center of Rome. It is the smallest state in Europe, concerning population and expense. It is ruled by the pope and has authority over the Roman Catholic Church. St. Peter’s Basilica is the biggest church in the world that is located in the Vatican.

2- Russia

European cities of Russia have their charm. They depict the culture and history of Russia. Moscow and St. Petersburg are both presents on the banks of famous rivers. St. Petersburg is located on the bank of Neva whereas Moscow is present on the bank of Moskva River. Both cities are the cultural hub of Russia.

3- Belarus

Belarus is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe. It is renowned for tractors and potatoes. Moreover, it is considered one of the poorest countries in Europe utilizing total wealth. Additionally, it is the last country in Europe that followed the dictatorship of Alexander Lukashenko. The astonishing thing about this country is that Photography is forbidden everywhere in this country.


Monaco is the smallest state in Europe. It only covers the area of 499 acres, which is the size of New York’s Central Park. The interesting thing about this country is that despite its small area, it is the habitat of the richest people in the world. According to a rough estimate, 32% of its population is made up of millionaires.

5- United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is an island kingdom. It is present on the northwestern coast of mainland Europe. It includes the entire Island of Great Britain including Scotland, Wales, and England in addition to the Northern Island of Ireland. The museums in the UK are free however this country has copied the culture of many superior artists.

6- Moldova

Moldova is one of Europe’s forgotten countries. Only 150,000 people annually visit this country making it the least visited country in the world. It is said about Moldova people that they are the least happy people on the planet. This is because they were unable to free themselves from Soviet Union tyranny. The Soviet Union collapsed in August 1991 and Moldova got independence.

7- Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is a land-locked country between Switzerland and Austria. It is one of the smallest countries in Europe. This small European country is famous for its historical buildings like the Red House, the Ruins of Schellenberg, Gutenberg Castle, and Vadis house. The largest world’s collection of arts is shown at the Liechtenstein Museum in Vienna.

8- San Marino

San Marino is located in Southern California. The best part of this country is that it is always sunny at luxe real estate. You will be amazed to know that there are two kinds of San Marino, the other part of San Marino is present in Europe where it is landlocked by Half space of San Francisco. It is said that in this country there are more cars than people.

9- North Macedonia

Yugoslavia left many countries on the verge of destruction in the 1990s. At that time, it was destroyed because of political issues. That made this country a worse nation and you may not see anybody visiting this nation. Corruption is also a great problem and people called it the most polluted country in the world.

10- Iceland

Iceland is situated in the North Atlantic Ocean which lies between the borders of North America and Europe. It is a country with different colors, climates, cultures, and geography. The world’s largest glacier Vatnajökull is present there. On the other hand, the spring season provides abundant heat across the country for agricultural purposes.

11- Montenegro

Montenegro is a country that is located in the West-central Balkans with Dinaric Alps at the Southern end. The strange thing about this land is that everyone in this country is taller than 6 feet. The other thing that made this land famous is insane drivers that drive cars very rashly.

12- Andora

Andorra is a small country that borders France and Spain. It has been under the control of both France and Spain for centuries, but was never formally captured by either of them. It continues to maintain its flag (a vertical tricolor) and its national anthem.

13- Luxembourg

Luxembourg is also one of the smallest countries in Europe. Its borders are attached to Germany, Belgium, and France. Luxembourg is also called a melting pot because a large foreign population resides there.

14- Malta

Malta is an island and is located in the center of the Mediterranean Sea. The number of islands that comprise Malta is crowded with tourists and residents. The beaches are also crowded with people. The worst part is that food available in Malta is generic.

15- Slovenia

Slovenia is included in Europe’s greenest countries. The important thing about this country is that it is close to cooler countries of the world like Croatia, Hungary, Italy, and Austria. It is also among the top global economies of the world in respect to human capital.

16-Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a state in Southeastern Europe. These are the states that survived the last war in the 20th century. The people living in these states are warm and cities are full of life, showing that they have forgotten the past.

17- Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the landlocked countries in Central Europe. Neighbors of this country are Italy, Liechtenstein, Germany, France, and Australia. Switzerland enjoys the modern market economy in which prices are levied by a free price system.

18- Ukraine

Ukraine is a country that is located in Eastern Europe. Moreover, it is the second-largest country after Russia in Europe. This country came into existence late in the 20th century after a long period of domination by Russia and Poland-Lithuania.

19- Finland

Finland comes to our mind when we talk about Nordic countries. It is located in Northern Europe and is one of the geographical remote countries having an intense climate. To your surprise, two-thirds of Finland is covered by dense woodlands, making it a densely green country in Europe.

20- Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country that is located in the Eastern portion of the Balkan Peninsula in Southeastern Europe. It was founded in the 7th century. Therefore, Bulgaria is the oldest country on the European continent. Bulgaria provides intersectional routes to Eastern and Central Europe.

21- Norway

Norway is a country that is situated in Northern Europe. Its borders are attached to countries like Finland, Sweden, and Russia. The climate of this country is mild and wet as compared to the winter weather of the East which is intensely cold.

22- Albania

Albania is a country that is situated in Southern Europe. Albania is a beautiful country with beautiful coastlines, mesmerizing mountains, and a history of old castles. The most interesting thing about Albania is that it has Europe’s best internet system.

23- Slovakia

Slovakia is a landlocked country in Central Europe and bordered by other European countries. It is also a member of the European Union. Slovakian people elect their person to represent them in the European Parliament.

24- Romania

Romania is a country in South-Eastern Europe; the landscape of Romania consists of one-third of mountains and one-third of forests, with lots of hills and plains. This country is bestowed with many natural resources like livestock, fertile land for agriculture, and many more.

25- Serbia

Serbia is a landlocked country in southeast Europe. It covers part of the Central and Western Balkan Peninsula and Pannonian plain. Serbia is famous for its national beverage known as plum spirit. They drink it for their health.

26- Lithuania

Lithuania is a country present in Northeastern Europe. Moreover, it includes the Southernmost three Baltic states. This state-dominated Eastern Europe in the 14th and 16th centuries and then became a part of the Polish-Lithuanian federation.

27- Latvia

Latvia is situated in North-Eastern Europe. Its bordering countries are Estonia, Russia, Lithuania, and Belarus. Latvia has linguistic links with Lithuania and religious and historical ties with Estonia.

28- Estonia

Estonia is situated in Northeastern Europe. It includes the Northernmost three Baltic states with around 1500 islands. Two of the biggest islands are Hiiumaa, and Saaremaa which are present on the west coast of Estonia.


The Czech Republic is also one of the landlocked countries of Central Europe. The neighboring countries of Czech include Poland on the Northside, Austria on the Southside, Germany on the Westside, and Slovakia on the Southside. Bohemia, Moravia, and Silesia are the historic territories of Czechia.


France is a country which is situated in Northwestern Europe. It is one of the historic and cultural countries of Europe. It is playing an important part in international affairs along with the other leading countries of the world.


Do you know that Ireland has been a member of the European Union since 1973? Therefore, the citizens of the United Kingdom can enter the country without a passport. The passport-free zone comprises the islands of Ireland, the Isle of Man, and Great Britain.

32- Belgium

Belgium is located in Northwestern Europe. To your surprise, it is one of the smallest and most densely populated European countries. It got independence in 1830, and it is led by representative democracy under the hereditary constitutional monarch.


Austria is situated in the Southern part of Central Europe. It comprises nine states. Out of these nine states, one of them is the largest city with a huge population, the capital Vienna. It is a beautiful country in Western Europe, having palaces and museums.

34- Croatia

Croatia was once part of the former Yugoslavia. It is a country with mesmerizing beauty. You will find the best European foods and drinks in Croatia. It comprises more than 1000 islands and a beautiful bank on the Adriatic coast.

35- Germany

Germany is present in North-central Europe. Many amazing things make it a great country. Its delicious cuisine and beer are famous throughout Europe. Germany has a very rich heritage. In addition to it, it is playing a progressive role in the global economy.


Hungary is also a landlocked country in Central Europe. Its neighboring countries include Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, South Croatia, Slovenia, and Austria. Hungary is famous for satisfying pieces of bread and cheeses.


Another important country in Europe is Italy. It is renowned for its wine flows from fountains in town squares. Italian people drink an inconsiderable amount of caffeine every day. You will find interesting cuisine with wine in the oldest cities of Italy, especially Rome.


Sweden is located in the Scandinavia region. Its neighboring countries are Finland and Denmark. It is a country with a very small population. However, concerning landmass, it is one of the biggest countries in Europe. The people of Sweden enjoy a high standard of living.


The Netherlands is present in Northwestern Europe. Another name for the Netherlands is Holland. People of the Netherlands are called Dutch. These people are very tolerant and friendly. It is a very clean and organized country, giving its citizens all amenities of life.

40- Poland

You will be amazed to know that Poland is considered the fifth-best city in Europe. The famous food of this country is Bagel. It is such a perfect food that people say it is made by God. Poland is a beautiful country with amazing cities, delicious foods, and rich history.


Spain is a country that lies both in Europe and Asia. Its geographical location makes it a bridge across the five continents. Going through different conquests and exploration, it became a world power in the 16th century and maintained its glory till the 19th century.

42- Greece

Greece is different from other European cultures and states. Their achievements made them see the world from a different perspective. Greek art and literature have made a great contribution to Europe. No other country on other continents has made such contributions.

43- Portugal

According to the global peace index, Portugal is the third most peaceful country in the world. It provides all the things that people like about Western Europe. Delicious food, drinks, and beautiful cities make Portugal an amazing package for tourists.

44- Denmark

No country can provide the best amenities of life like the Danes. Although Denmark has no museums like France, no beaches like Spain, and no cuisine like Italy, it still ranks at the top of Scandinavian countries in providing the best quality of life to its citizens.

Wrapping Up

All the countries in Europe have their specialties. Which European country do you want to visit? If you have a love for food then you might travel to Italy and if you want to view the mesmerizing beauty of the world then you should visit Scandinavian European countries.