History of Romanian

Romanian Language is a language spoken by approximatively 28 million people, of Romance origin, very similar to Italian, French, Portughese or Spanish.

2000 years ago, the nowadays territory of Romania was inhabited by Dacians who were engaged with agriculture, viticulture and cattle. There remained a lots of words connected to the body and familial relations because these are common topics of conversation.

Dacians are not the only ancestors of the Romanian people and of their language. The Romans played also a major role in their history and development and the Dacians assimilated little by little Latin.

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During the 7th century and throughout the 9th century, the Slavs came to the Dacian area. Their language influenced a lot Romanian but the Slavs also learned Latin. The Slavs influenced a lot the language of the Dacians in the pronunciation.

Unlike the other Romance languages, the Romanian language is pronounced with a quite heavy accent, referring to the yodization or polarization of “e” in the very beginning of words like “el”, “ea”, “este”.

During the 1700’s Romanian linguists made an effort to re-Latinize their language as it was very much influenced by Slavic words. This process of purification continued also in the 19th century with the efforts of many writers and men of culture.

Romanian was much influenced by French and is at present still influenced by English origin words.

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