Google local time in the United States on Thursday announced that its search engine algorithms to make major changes. The new algorithm will increase the time factor. This change will make 35% search results change.

Google made this change is because nowadays people hoped that from the Twitter or other website to search for real time news, but Google‘s search algorithms are unable to do this. The results show there is a little outdated, such as when the search for“ Oscar Award” to find out the year awards when specific time, the search result is a past awards content etc.。

Google will a new algorithm called“ freshness algorithm” ( new algorithm ), using Google ’s“ caffeine” webpage index system faster capture network information, and provide real-time search results.

Google annually on its search algorithm to make more than 500 revisions, but most modify only affects a very small part of the search results. On a larger scale modifications occurred in February of this year, when Google removed some low quality web sites, such as information farm site, affected search results reached 12%.

The new algorithm is implemented, for recent events, such as the Oscar prize or the presidential election, the new updated information will be ranked in the forefront of the search results, as is the use of Google news search tools that use time. In addition, more frequent updating topic, such as the new iPhone ‘s comment, will also appear on comments.

For those not time sensitive content search results, such as“ how to change a tire” or“ banana bread ”, Google said their algorithm can know what is most consistent with the result of time, time will not be affected.


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