, the attached link is provided by Google on this April Fool’s Day.

A friend shares a link with me. I was attracted by the super and some mysterious idea introduced on the website. It talks about a new online search way. Google named it as Adventure Search through Space and Time. In fact, this beta search is a joke that Google Played on Chinese netizens. All example listed in Google China’s Introduction are about Chinese history and Culture, which we can regard with a real localization service provided by Google.

In addition, the most obvious feature in its wording is very fresh and loving to me, and I think, it is the same with many millions of Chinese netizens. For instance, Google China Team put Xishi, a well-known Chinese beauty in very ancient era, as a search keyword.

Google advocates that if you put Xishi in its newly-launched search engine, you would be led to the era and even in the life of that beauty. Wow, what a big lure! What’s more, Google make full use of expressions popular among Chinese netizens such as “亲”,“矮油”,“神马”,“鸭梨”,“有木有”and so on. No wonder there are many victims of this joke.

Google even presented a theory on its introduction website to tell us how it can support the features of such so-called powerful search engine. In order to achieve the trick effectiveness, Google put serious wording in this section. It even analyzes principles applied in the new search engine from viewpoint of physics.

From this loving trick, I saw the future of localization business that will requires relevant workers to keep themselves update with trends around the country, especially around the online world in their country. As we see, online marketing is a hot field that local and International companies are rushing to circle and expand their part.

Intimate wording in localization business will foster possibilities in online purchases, especially important for foreign companies when they are introducing some new products or services to a new market. However, as far as I have known, our localization businesses are limited in many ways, among which fresh and updated wording is very obvious.

To me, some technical materials are very serious and hard to understand. When they are presented to local users, their values almost approach zero. Therefore, it is necessary to for copywriters to make use of fresh wording in the case the material are promotional for a foreign market, and translators also need to adopt updated wording.

Talking of the possibility of such powerful search engine, I believe it costs not very long for us to witness lives and life beyond space and time. Trends of 3D technology, ideas of Semantic Web and The Internet Things and their implementation under support of governments around the world and other technologies are going to lead us to a very smart intelligent world.