Some colleagues and I started to handle one project about fund from last week, we just completed translation, edition, proofreading until today. Here I’d like to list some applicable translation for the fund, which are extracted from some files, for your reference.

Example 1: American Equity Fund


Word ‘Equity’ should be translated as ‘股票’, not ‘证券’ or anything else.

Example 2: Expense Ratio for Year ending 30 June 2011

截止 2011 年 6 月 30 日止的年度费率

‘Expense ratio’ should be translated as ‘费率’ here, to use different amount to subscribe one fund, since the amount is different and the expense ratio would be different, the more amount, the less expense ratio.

Example 3: The fund has ability to use financial derivative instruments for hedging and/or efficient portfolio management purposes.


In the above example, there are some professional terms in finance field, e.g. ‘financial derivative instrument’, ‘hedging’, ‘portfolio’, they are translated as ‘金融衍生工具’, ‘对冲’ and ‘投资组合’ respectively. The same word has different meaning in Chinese, while translating different sector, as the translator, we should apply the more applicable translation in the corresponding sector.

Example 4: Assets of the Fund may be denominated in a currency other than the Base Currency of the Fund.


In this example, for the phrase ‘Base Currency’ is usually translated as ‘基准货币’, not ‘基础货币’, and we should pay special attention to it.

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