Translation is a peculiar art. It was so strange, because the translator should be like the musicians to understand the work of others first, and then use their own unique way to interpret. The musician is the performance of others using body language and voice tone, the translator another language to interpret other people’s thoughts and imagery.

The biggest difference between them is not the musician manufacturing melody, the translator manufacturing is text, but the creation of musical works is to convert the body language and the wonderful melody, and a work, not in order to translate into another a text creation.

Therefore, although the translator’s art is almost invisible, but suffered more suspect. Responsibility of the translator is also much greater, because every musician knows his performances just himself and one of the many performances of other musicians, or even ten thousandth, however, the translator has to understand that his performance may be the only one, at least it is the only one of his generation, he will no longer have the opportunity to amend it or to adopt a different approach retranslating.

However, when the translator to assume this responsibility, efforts to convert they have never been presented in the form of works, unless he make mistakes, no one to see him performing hardships. In fact, he is to be commended because stealth.

When we listen to an album, we can imagine the musicians blowing sing or play, but when we think of the brain is engaged in translation when the translator blank, we feel that the translator just made and writers, and Nothing special.

Czech writer Karel Capek wrote his own writing: “Even if I sat to write articles on the corridor, there will not be a child come observe my fingers to see how the writers writing me and not to say that writing is a bad or useless career, but it is not a best, is not the most attractive career, the materials used are also very special – you even cannot see it.

“But we expect writers This is the only. We expect that the creator created something that makes us excited, but not the way he created. Unless he is like a jazz musician, is also a performer.

For performing artists, we do look forward to his performances exciting, because the creation has been completed. The responsibilities of the performing artists is not to create, in interpretation.

However, the interpretation of the translator not only take the form of the original – ink – and does not deviate from the original content, which is contrary to the interpretation and critic.

The only change is that we now can read the contents of the printed ink. Otherwise, the works of foreign writers like no sense for us. This is like so that the people could not read music, like reading music. But the performances of musicians and musical score no similarities, both big difference is how to say cannot be overemphasized.

Translation is so similar to the result of the translation is a rewrite, two works, one to another, one is the original one is performing, it is difficult to distinguish.

Peculiar situation due to the translator, he is not very well-respected. We always thought he should be subordinated to the author, faithful to the author, and not make any mistakes; translation, he wanted a one to a reward, but also sweet for Moxi.

In the eyes of the world, he does not artists, creators or performers, at best, is a craftsman. He is generally regarded as a poor, insignificant role. His translation, book reviews rarely mentioned, almost never been given the criticism.

His skills fresh inside and outside at the university professor, his translation is also difficult to get academic recognition, his thoughts on life, publishers nor Shaw published. Translators not for fame or for the approval of others, but out of love, out to let others enjoy their love, love theirs
We often think that the translator of works good or bad is his language skills, This is like saying that the musicians are to understand the score. Course they will look at the spectrum does not mean that you will be a good musician, it is just one of the many requirements for success, nothing.

In fact, some of the great jazz musicians have never learned to see spectrum, and some great translation, but rather from the hand of the poet and do not know the original.

Want to play good music, in addition to knowledge of a musical instrument, must also be able to detect the tone nuances to understand the significance of the note the composition with its representatives. Similarly, a translator must be able, as critics like to read writers writing.

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