The Fashion of Long Johns

秋裤的确有很好的保暖作用,但对大多数人而言,它们属于祖辈,或者更确切的说,它们是时尚大忌。 2008年时,时尚杂志《时尚芭莎》中国版主编苏芒曾表示穿秋裤有损时尚。 她在一档由陈鲁豫主持的谈话节目中表示:“我从不允许自己周围的人穿秋裤。” 但从去年开始,这些有关秋裤的话题似乎发生了转变。

Sure long johns do a good job keeping people warm. But for many people, they havebeen something for grandparents, or rather, they are a fashion no-no.In 2008,Su Mang, chief editor of the Chinese version of fashion magazine Bazaar indicated that wearing long johns compromised fashion.“I never allow people around me to wear long johns,” Su said in a talk show with TV anchor Chen Luyu.But things seem to be different for long johns ever since last year.

众多重量级时装品牌,如Jean Paul Gaultier、D & G 和Dries Van Noten,早在2010/2011秋冬时装发布会T台上便展示了各式各样的秋裤。去年早些时候,英国演员裘德·洛现身伦敦机场时甚至就穿着一条秋裤,再搭配松垮的夹克和T恤,令无数人大跌眼镜。 设计师维多利亚?巴特利特在接受《纽约时报》采访时表示:“这是一种非常英伦范儿的打扮。”

A number of important designer labels, including Jean Paul Gaultier, D & Gand Dries Van Noten, all showed variations of long johns on their 2010/2011 fall/winter runways.And British actor Jude Law even sported a pair of long johns at a London airport earlier last year, together with a loosely structured jacket and T-shirt, which made a lot of jaws drop.“It’s a very British thing,”explained British designer Victoria Barlett to The New York Times.

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其实秋裤早在19世纪便盛行一时,最先推出这种长裤的英国公司约翰·斯梅德利至今仍在生产它们。 但是万人迷裘德·洛不是唯一热衷秋裤的男星,英国足球明星大卫·贝克汉姆(音译)是另一位秋裤粉。 他在去年九月接受英国报纸《太阳报》采访时曾表示:“它们真的很酷。”

Long johns were first made popular in the 19th century by the English company John Smedley which still produces them today.But Jude Law is not the only celebrity heart throb that loves the garments. British soccer star David Beckhamis another big fan.“They are very cool,” Beckham told UK newspaper The Sun in September.


What’smore, Beckham has pledged to put the sexy back into long johns. He is designing his own line of long johns which will hit stores in February 2012 just in time for Valentine’s Day.If anyone can make long johns sexy, Beckham could be the man to do it.


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