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Fashion transcends borders and nationalities. Fashion, itself, is the top emerging markets of the world, with fast changing trends making headlines every day.

Our quality translation services for fashion industry are designed to cater to the globalization needs of the fashion companies throughout the world. Our fashion translation experts, with their immaculate translation expertise ensure that you are able to convey the best fashion experience to your audience and fashion industry enthusiasts across the globe. Whether it is fashion blogs, videos, apps or promotional messages, we cover it all with our affordable, creative, and reliable translation services.

Documents We Translate

  • Dictations
  • Design notes
  • Manufacturing guidelines
  • Contracts
  • Labels
  • Brochures
  • Websites
  • Adverts in printed publications
  • Commercial dubbing and subtitles

Fashion Terminology

The terminology of the fashion industry is much like the fashion industry itself—creative and distinct. To stay on top of the fashion game, however, the terms of the fashion industry need to be translated to invoke the desired effect on the fashion audience.

We understand the need for localized and translated websites and content for globalization of fashion industry, which is why our expert fashion translators lend professional translation services for this industry with their creative approach and expertise that covers all fashion related content from magazines to websites, and from fashion videos to blogs. We make sure your message resonates with your target audience through our multilingual translation services.

Fashion Translation Services Articles


Turnaround time highly depends on the type of document given for translation. For instance, contracts take a long time as compared to translating labels and brochures. Therefore, there is no time mentioned. However, we assure you that our translators complete the project in a fast turnaround time.
We hire our translators with a proper hierarchy, they follow tests and trials before becoming part of the team. Quality enhancement tools such as translation memory tools are also utilized to ensure quality translation.
Depending on the type of document, its length, and other factors, the cost for each translation project can vary. You can get an instant quote to have a price estimation for your project.
We make sure that our team of expert translators follow the protocol. Besides, we offer a secure platform and upgrade our systems and backups for security purposes as well.
If need be, we do provide the transcription and subtitling services as well. It will be part of the project which needs to be discussed in advance.

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