English of Chinese Medicine (2)



*  Is the root of Latter Heaven (root of acquired constitution,)脾为后天之本

*  Source of engendering transformation (“physically” it is the source of Qi and Blood) 生化之源

*  Governs transformation and transportation 脾主运化

*  Manages the Blood 脾统血

*  Unites the Muscles and 4 limbs 在体合肌肉四肢

*  Raises Clear Qi 升清

*  Opens into the mouth (the fleshy parts) and its flower is the lips 脾开窍于口,其华在唇

*  Houses Intention and is associated with thought (connected with consideration of options, pondering and possibilities) 脾藏意,在志为思

*  Its associated fluid is thin saliva 在液为涎

*  its associated “emotion” is thought, pensiveness, worry在情为思

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*  Governs Qi and respiration 肺为气之主(肾为气之本)

*  Controls the Channels and Vessels 肺朝百脉

*  Controls Dispersing and Descending主宣发与肃降

*  Regulates the Water passages通调水道 also considered to be the upper source of water in the body 肺为水的上源

*  Controls the skin and body hair 肺主皮毛

*  Opens into the nose 肺开窍于鼻

*  Its associated fluid is nasal discharge在液为涕

*  Houses the Corporeal Spirit (associated with sensations and feelings) 肺藏魄

*  its emotion is grief and sadness在情为悲

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*  Is the root of Earlier Heaven 肾为先天之本

*  Stores Essence and governs reproduction, birth, growth and development

*  Governs Bones and produces marrow主骨生髓

*  Governs Water主水

*  Governs the grasping (and drawing downward) of Qi 主纳气

*  Opens into the ears and 2 Yin (urethra {and spermatic duct in men} and anus) and manifests in the hair of the head肾开窍于耳和二阴,其华在发

*  Kidney Yin and Yang is the Root Yin/Yang of the body

*  Controls opening and closing 肾司开阖

*  Controls strength and skill

*  Houses will power 肾藏志

*  Acts as the gate of the Stomach为胃之门

*  Its associated fluid is thick saliva 在液为唾

*  Its emotion is fear在情为恐

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