English of Chinese Medicine (1)

It occurs to me that the translation of Chinese Medicine is such a fun. I can derive a sense of achievement from the work. So I collected some expressions related to some of our vital organs.


(Yin aspect of Wood, energy moves up and out – kind of like how a plant grows.  Classically they say Liver energy rises on the left)

Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon of Medicine 《黄帝内经》states: “The Liver is like an army’s general from whom strategy is derived…”

* Stores Blood 肝藏血

* Ensures the smooth flow of Qi (flowing and spreading, sometimes called free-coursing) 肝主疏泄

*  Controls the sinews肝主筋

* Flowers in the nails (Liver Blood provides nourishment) 其华在爪

*  Opens into the Eyes 肝开窍于目

*  Houses the Ethereal Soul (connection to higher realms) 肝藏魂

*  responsible for planning

*  its associated fluid is tears 在液为泪

*  its associated emotion is anger在情为怒

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(Yin aspect of Fire, energy is expansive in all directions)

Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon of Medicine 《黄帝内经》states: “The Heart is the Ruler of the 5 Yin organs and the 6 Yang organs….”

*  Governs the blood and vessels 心主血脉

*  Controls the vessels主脉

*  Manifests in the complexion其华在面

*  Houses the Spirit/mind (often referred to as heart-spirit, it is the clarity – i.e. fire – of consciousness) 心藏神

*  Opens into the tongue心开窍于舌

*  Its associated fluid is sweat 在液为汗

*  its associated emotion is joy在情为喜

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