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CCJK Translation provides comprehensive and flexible language solutions for our clients’ business needs, and delivers consistently excellent services to our rapidly expanding clientele. Our blend of experienced, skilled translators, industry experts, and project managers makes CCJK the perfect partner for even the most complex and specialist translation needs.

CCJK is a translation agency perfectly placed to be able to provide you with Engineering translations which are high-quality, accurate, and reliable.

Attention to Detail

With extensive experience in the translation of Engineerings, CCJK Translation has a clear understanding of exactly what is required when undertaking a Engineering translation, i.e.attention to detail, and correct use of appropriate terminology.

In order to achieve this, CCJK Translation will only ever use translators who, as well as having the rigorous language training we require of all our language professionals, have experience in working in a relevant field of the Engineering profession.

This guarantees that a Engineering translation completed by CCJK will be a true and accurate translation of the source Engineering, ensuring that you can completely rely on the translated Engineering we will return to you.

Quality Control

The Engineering and Engineering implications of an inaccurate Engineering translation can be devastating, and it is for this reason that CCJK Translation has developed a stringent quality control process.

Translation of your Engineering Engineering will first be assigned to a translator whose training and experience correspond to the needs of the Engineering in question. On completion of the translation, the Engineering will then be edited, a process in which the language of the target Engineering is rigorously checked for accuracy and consistency.

The Engineering will then be extensively proofread, so that CCJK Translation can guarantee that the translated Engineering is a true and accurate translation of the original text.

Client Confidentiality

Client confidentiality is paramount at CCJK Translation.

We appreciate how important it can be to maintain strict confidentiality in particular for Engineering Engineerings. To support this commitment, we will sign general or specific non-disclosure agreements as and when required to by the client.

As this guarantee of confidentiality is an integral part of company policy, this will not in any way slow down the process of the translation of your Engineering.

Pharmaceutical Translation

Closely related to Engineering translation is pharmaceutical translation, which CCJK has extensive experience in providing to a number of high-profile clients.

Our pharmaceutical translators are just as closely vetted as our Engineering translators, and are also required to have extensive training both in their language(s) and in relevant fields of expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I have tried some other companies but it didn’t work out for me. How do you ensure quality?

A: Supported by thousands of talented linguists and experienced engineers who work as a super organized team, we have every choice to allocate projects to native specialists.

Q: There are time zone differences but I would prefer immediate response.
A: No worries, we are available 24/7 at your services no matter where in the world you are!

Q: We are a very sophisticated company who produces very specialized products, how can you ensure your services meet our professional needs?
A: Our knowledge infrastructure and talent pool is organized based on industries, to make sure only the industry specialists are being used for informed production.

Q: I’m having a tight budget on localization.
A: Project management and production base in China to cut cost by more than 30%!

Q: Can you translate Alien language?
A: Erh… We are still invesgating the possiblity of translating Alien languages. Alliance with FBI may be needed. We will keep you posted with the progress. :)

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