Herein we discuss the parts that email marketing system consists of from the aspect of technique.

User subscription

The users fill out the on line chart. Then the system will record the user name, the email address and then send double selection to confirm emails. After the user click the confirmation option. Finally, the system adds the user to the emailing list database.

Un subscription function

The system should have a function of carrying out un subscription automatically. When the users click the un subscription link, the system will delete the user data automatically.Or keep mark it as the deleted user. The system will not send any emails to the deleted user. But the system reserve the data for future reference.
Inspect and delete the ineffective email address

It does not mean that every email address will get the receivers’ email after registering the mailing list. Generally, we will receive some un subscription emails after sending the advertising emails. The system needs to check the un subscription emails and delete this ineffective emails.

Sending advertising emails should use an regular email address to be the senders’ address. such as [email protected]. The unsubscribed wrong information will return to this address. The email marketing system should check the emailing address automatically, analyze the wrong information and take relevant actions.

There are two kinds of unsubscribed emails namely soft unsubscribed and hard subscribed. We need to treat them differently. Hard unsubscribed emails means the email list does not exist or the main reason is that the free email account has been canceled or deleted.

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Or the free email providers have stoped this kind of service. Or even the domain name does not exist or has been expired. Or the typed emails has some address errors or spelling mistakes. Of all the returned wrong information, there are some relevant wrong code, typically such as:

Sorry, no mailbox by that name

The account or domain may not exist, they may be blacklisted, or missing the proper dns entries

Has not found

No such user

User unknown

Invalid address

Invalid address

Not a valid recipient

This user doesn’t have a account

550 Invalid recipient

550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable

We should delete the hard unsubscribed emails directly, for it is not possible to modify. The only exception is abut the most common free emailing address, probably spelling mistakes such as spelling into To these obviously wrongly spelled address, they could be modified by hand.

Soft unsubscribed means the receivers’ emails are full or their emailing server has some technique problems temporally or some web problems from the senders’ server to the receivers’ server. There are some wrong information code different from the hard unsubscribed emails, typically such as:

Mailbox is full

exceeded storage allocation

Retry timeout exceeded

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In this situation, the system should delete these kinds of email addresses. It is not possible to see the technique problems in some consistent months. Because the emails has been full in a few months consistently, which means that the users has already stopped using this email address.