Any marketing activities should estimate the effect and calculate the invest-return rate. Focus your attention to the effective marketing methods, delete not effective marketing. Email marketing also follows this rule.

While some email marketing monitoring method is so direct, which needs some method to realize. There are many blogs on the internet introducing the importance of email delivering rate, reading rate and clicking rate, while there are few blogs discussing how to monitor email delivery rate, reading rate and clicking rate. Let us discuss some of the effective ways of email monitoring.

Transferring rate of email list registering

Transferring rate of email list means the ratio between the number of people of electronic magazine and IP number of visiting the website. The detecting method is referring the IP number of website, submit the confirmed pages after registering the electronic magazine and complete the calculation of total number in the electronic magazine database.

With the independent IP number divided by the confirmation pages comes to the registering transferring rate, which is not the transferring rate after final registered. With the independent IP number divided by the total number in the electronic magazine database comes to the transferring rate.

The calculation is based on the some time such as the transferring rate daily, weekly, and monthly.

It is normal to see that the website sales transferring rate reaches around 1%. The transferring rate of email list or electronic magazine, which means that it is very normal to see the point of 5%-20%.

Similar to the transferring rate is the subscription total number, which is also the number most stationers want to see. Generally speaking, normal websites cannot reach the total number of tens of thousands of electronic magazine subscribers. It is very normal to see the daily increase of 10-20 and thousands of subscribers annually. A few years later, you could get tens of thousands subscribers.

We should also pay attention to the subscribers increasing rate. In the circumstances of the website tracking rate keeps stable, if the the increasing rate shows great change, the stationers should check whether there exists some technique problems.

Whether the subscribing gift is out of date, whether unattractive? It is necessary to make an user investigation to see what kind of reasons results in the low increasing rate.

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2. The unsubscribing rate.

It is unavoidable to see the unsubscribing. It is very normal to see that we would receive some unsubscribing email regularly. If the unsubscribing rate is not normal such as 20%-30%, the email marketers should think that whether the email content is of too much business and too exaggerated. Whether sending too often? Whether the email content is useful to the client?

As long as the email content is of good quality, the users interested in the the subject will not unsubscribe easily. Even though the users are not interested in the some email content, it is hard to see that the email receivers will not show interest to the later-on emails unless the email content is of too many advertisements. If the email marketers is very sure about the email content, you are sure to get the order from the client.

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