After solving the problem of attracting clients to register and email sending, we should also care about the detailed content and formula of the email.

Writing of marketing email also obey the above rule: think from the clients’ side and be useful for the client. This is useful everywhere and there is no need to explain. Here mentions some points needing attention.

Sending regularly

Mature email marketing plan should verify the email sending rate and follow the rules strictly. We should never send a few emails one time and forget about it a few months later.

If it is electronic magazine monthly or weekly journal, the email sending rate could be confirmed, monthly or weekly. Or even it is not a regular electronic magazine, other mailing list should be set as once or twice per month. Hence the subscribers will not forget about the email due to no news for a long time. In addition, the subscribers will not consider it to be rubbish emails or feel bored about receiving too many emails.

Sending emails regularly is a very important way to get the trust from the subscribers.

The email content should be the same

Email marketing content should not be far from the direction of the previous promise. If you promise something, you should do something. Then the client will not feel unsatisfied. We should know that the client has his own definement about what’s rubbish email. When rubbish email firstly comes up, many people feel interested.

Almost few people would feel unsatisfied. While when the rubbish emails becomes more and more, rubbish emails are refined as those emails which are not requested initially by the subscribers.This has been widely recognized by the users, web service providers and the government.

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While there comes another tend, many users feel that although they have registered and requested, while the email content is not the one as expected. The users will also feel that it belongs to be rubbish emails. In this field, the users’ action is not controlled by the email marketers. If not so serious, the users will unsubscribe; if seriously, the subscribers will report this to be rubbish emails, which will cause some trouble to the web server and domain.

Do not over pushing

The email marketing content should be over pushing. Unless the email itself is about providing the promotion information. Most of the magazine subscribers pay much attention to industrial news, comments, technique, which email markers should send emails based on. The purpose of marketing is to generate the sales order. While this should not be highly emphasized in the marketing emails. Only one or two sentence mentioning this way of promotion is enough.

In other words, do not over pushing your clients in emails. Instead, we should provide more helpful information to our clients. Then we could get the order.

In a total, email marketers should say too many over pushing words in the emails. Firstly, we should get the trust from the client and hopefully make friends with the clients, thus, the sales order could be obtained. And you could establish a long term business relationship with your client.

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