Successful and seamless project management entails effective, smooth and timely communication between sales, PM and translator. In order to enable the translator to meet the client’s requirements, firstly it is necessary to correctly render such requirements to the translator. The challenge is how to make sure that the client requirements can be passed down correctly from sales to PM and then from PM to translator. The solution is effective, smooth and timely communication.

Effective communication

Sometimes the clients may put forward many requirements in which some are very important while others are less important. In this case, we’d better list the requirements one by one in priority order. Never put all requirements in an entire and long paragraph without highlighting the key points, otherwise the translator may fail to correctly follow the requirements or easily miss one or more requirements.

Therefore, our sales and PM are required to analyze and digest the client requirements instead of just copying them before assigning the task. It is suggested to try to make your instructions as short but informative as possible and the readers will more easily grasp your intended meaning. Meanwhile, pay attention to highlight the key words and instructions, and then your instructions are much clearer.

Smooth communication

As we work as a team, we shall communicate each other in a friendly way. A kind word or a warm smile can facilitate smooth communication. So just smile when you are talking to others and just use a friendly tone of voice when you are putting forward your requirements, you will find it is easy to let others to follow your instructions.

Timely commutation

Sometimes you will find you are not quite sure about the meaning of the client. In such case, please make sure to check with PM immediately. Nowadays we always overuse emails and instant message tools and forget that we can talk face to face. In many cases, we are likely to spend a large of time writing emails one after another but do not want to walk a few steps and get talk face-to-face to solve the problem within a few minutes.

As a big warm family, CCJK can deliver seamless project management. Besides strict management on its assets including but not limited to client information, translation memory, project checklist and style guide, seamless communication are another guarantee for seamless project management.

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