The gap between richest and the rest of us is getting bigger. It is a mindset that distinguishes successful people, rich people from the rest. Your mindset determines your destiny. Your thoughts lead to your feelings and your feelings lead your actions and your actions lead to results.

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Let’s examine the ways that rich and successful people get richer and poor get poorer.

Its common that a small group of people earn an enormous amount of money, the theory is that there wealth triggers down to the rest of us but this is a myth. In reality money is sucked up from all of you into the pockets of very small group of people.

One reason is that money is created, write now almost all of the money in your economy is created by bank, when they make loans. Now most people assumed that when banks make loans they are lending out someone else savings, but actually they are not.

Instead when somebody takes out a loan, banks create new money electronically by typing numbers into their account. 97% money in our economy is created in this way, as people take out loans from banks.

The shocking fact is if nobody went into that there will be no money in the economy. The economy of people depends on the electronic money created by banks because the money is shaped when people borrow from someone; somewhere has to pay interest on every pound created. In a fact you are renting the money you need to run you economy from the banks. This means that in the UK alone together people pay the bank 192 million pounds in interest every single day.

Giving this interest relocates wealth from the foundation 90% of the population to the very top 10%. It sucks wealth and income from the rest of you up to the very lucky few. So as long as you have to rent the money from the banks that has created, you all have to keep paying this huge interest bill and the gap between the richest and rest of you will keep increasing.

There are different paths to generate money that don’t depend on going into debt and going to banks. You want to see money created by the public body and spend into the economy, so that you don’t have to borrow all the money, you need from the banks. This will lead to less debt and stop the gap between the richest and rest of you which is getting even bigger.

To be rich take the responsibility for your own life versus many people play role of the victim. When it comes to your fiscal life each time you blame, give explanation for and you complain, and you are slitting financial throats.

So stop complaining and move forward to make yourself richer and come to the level of the richest people. Think and act like them as it requires understanding of the business community. For that you can take help from Online Professional Language Translation Service Agency which provide you the services like French (Canadian) Brochures translation services to study the company’s behavior.

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