Are you able to create ebooks from .doc files and other formats – The final format of the ebooks we need will be .epub and kindle?

Are you able to create CHM files from a PDF file – We would supply you a source PDF file along with a word file of a translated document and would need back from you a target PDF and a CHM file?

Are you able to convert a book into eLearning courses with all exciting elements including image, audio, video added while reproducing the essentials of the original book?

The answer at CCJK is YES. Whether you want DOC to EPUB, PDF to CHM, or BOOK to ELEARNING, or any other conversions between different formats, CCJK has the capable engineering team to take care of your needs based on our extensive experiences and in-depth knowledge in handling all formats available on the market.

We will first analyze the source formats and break down the source data into reassemble pieces. We will then understand the requirements of the target formats and its underlying structure to identify the necessary skills, applications, tools or technologies to be used.

By working out a most efficient and effective process, we put the right resource and talent pool to work on each pieces and units before assembling them to the target format.

Any language, Any format, Any time”. This is CCJK’s commitment to meet the client’s most challenging task in converting all languages and formats in the world. Why not try CCJK now to test its capability in meeting your needs.

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