About the project:

The Modal Shop has some datasheets that need to create a Chinese version using QuarkXPress. The client provides us the .qxp files and Chinese translation and then assigns us to do the Chinese typesetting of the datasheets. After several time of cooperation, the client also would like us to do the English to Chinese translation.

Our Solution:

CCJK has several in-house DTP engineers dedicated to professional DTP services for almost all of the languages in the word, they are skilled in using all kinds of DTP tools, such as InDesign, illustrator, PageMaker, QuarkXPress, Adobe FrameMaker and so on.

After getting the project, we have a detail analysis of the client’s requirements and working file. And then we pass the job to our professional DTP/typesetting team. They choose the right set of fonts, adjust the layout accordingly and make sure that it is laid out appropriately, stylishly and exactly to the client’s core value.

As the main focus of the datasheet is in Sound and Vibration Engineering, and they are comprised of the specifications and a summary of the low pressure calibrations, for English to simplified Chinese, we ran a strict TEP (Translation, Editing and Proofreading) process to make sure of high quality.

That is, we assigned the English files to our translators with the several years of technical documents translation experiences. After that, another translator edits the translations and a third person proofread the files.

The datasheet is designed by QuarkXPress, if the client provide us the source qxd file before translation, then we can save this file in .xtg or .tag format and use Trados or other translation tool to deal with the translation, so it will be more convenient and easier to do the Chinese version typesetting job.

About Client:

The Modal Shop, a PCB Group Company, provides structural vibration and acoustic sensing systems to engineers worldwide. They strive to simplify people’s lives with smart sensing solutions that help improve the performance of people, products and processes and assure the customer continued development of high-quality products combined with unparalleled customer support of the PCB Group.


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