The last part:

22, Because branching logic will be impacted by changing the question type, the following pages will be deleted if these edits are saved:

Edited version:由于问题类型的更改将影响分支逻辑,因此,倘若保存了这些编辑,以下页面将被删除:

My version:由于问题类型的更改将影响分支逻辑,因此如果保存了这些编辑,以下页面将被删除:

Analysis: I feel like it is preferential reasons.”倘若” and ”如果” seems no big difference in meaning, other than in style. As far as I am concerned, ”倘若” is official and literary talent while ”如果” is more common in IT field. Just to keep in mind, all the style for the whole project shall keep the same. It should be official/common from the beginning to the end. It will unacceptable to mix official style and common style together.

23, Column Label (optional)

Edited version:列标签(可选)

My version:栏标签(可选)

Analysis: standard version. “Column” can be translated into “列” and “栏”, so to catch a accurate meaning, we shall judge depend on the context.

24, You cannot edit an active survey.

Edited version:无法编辑已激活的调查。

My version:不可编辑已激活的调查。

Analysis: the same reason with the second one of Example 3. “cannot” in a imperative clauses in IT fields

25, Click on the Enable Editing button above to pause and edit this survey.

Edited version:单击“启用编辑”按钮以暂停并编辑该调查。

My version:单击“启用编辑”按钮以暂停并编辑调查。

Analysis: I feel like it is preferential reasons.

26, Import From Another Survey

Edited version:从其他调查中导入

My version:从另一调查中导入

Read Also: Question and Answer about eBook Translation

Analysis:”Another” is more officially translated into “其他” rather than “另一”. In IT field, “Another” is often translated into “其他” in most cases as a standard.

27, or click question types below to add.

Edited version:或单击以下问题类型以添加问题。

My version:或点击以下问题类型以添加问题。

Analysis: “Click” should be translated into “单击” rather than “点击”. It must be applied as a standard translation for “click” into “单击”.

28, You can add questions to your library by clicking

Edited version:单击以下选项可添加问题

My version:通过单击以下选项可添加问题

Analysis:”通过” is not necessary here.

29, You cannot delete this page because the previous page has branches

Edited version:由于上一页包含分支,您不能删除本页面。

My version:由于上一页面包含分支,您不能删除本页面。

Analysis: The same reason as Example 4.

30, Select a theme above.

Edited version:在上方选择一个主题。

My version:选择主题

Analysis:”above” is missing in my translation.

31, Survey Size & Position

Edited version:调查大小和位置

My version:调查规模和位置

Analysis:”size” should be translated into “大小” rather than “规模”.

32, The survey cannot end on this page because it has pages after it, or it is a main page of the survey.

Edited version:不可在本页面结束调查,因为该页面后还跟有其它页面,或该页面是调查的主页面。

My version:调查不可在本页面结束,因为页面后还有其他页面或本页面是调查的主页面。

Analysis: the edited version is more coherent.

33, Id is not a valid survey

Edited version: Id 并非有效调查

My version:不是有效调查

Analysis:”id” is missing in my version. In translation, no elements can be left.

34, This survey does not exist.

Edited version:该调查不存在。

My version:调查不存在。

Analysis: it is a reason of preferential choice.

35, Please verified that you have the correct link.

Edited version:请确认您拥有正确的链接。

My version:请验证您拥有正确的链接。

Analysis:”verified” is translated into “确认”, rather than “验证” which is not proper in this context.

36, The text to display in the survey window before the survey launches is empty.

Edited version:调查启动之前,调查窗口中显示的文本为空。

My version:调查启动为空时,在调查窗口中显示的文本。

Analysis: I made the same mistake as Example 14. The correct division is “The text (to display in the survey window)( before the survey launches) is empty”, while I mistakenly divided it as “The text to (display in the survey window )before (the survey launches is empty).”

37, Invalid status set.

Edited version:状态集无效。

My version:无效的状态集。

Analysis: the standard in IT field is as the edited version.

38, Invalid start time.

Edited version:开始时间无效。

My version:无效的开始时间

Analysis: the same reason as above.

39, “Launch when visitor” option is set to an invalid value.

Edited version:”在访客符合以下条件时启动”选项设置为无效值。

My version:/”访客时启动/”选项设置为无效值。

Analysis:””Launch when visitor”” is the difficulty part in IT field, it seems it is not a completed terms or sentence, so that it is not an easy task to translate it correctly without a full understanding of IT terms. The edited version is a right work.

40, Add Page After

Edited version:自此后添加页面

My version:添加页面跟随于

Analysis: it is the same reason as above. “after” means “add pages after the current page”, thus the edited version is better.

41, has been on the site for

Edited version:在网站上的逗留时间

My version:已进入网站时长

Analysis: the same reason as the above two instances.

Thank you!