11, Adding branches to this page will cause survey submission to no longer be possible on this page

Edited version:向本页面添加分支会导致无法在本页面上提交调查

My version:添加本页面的页面分支会导致无法提交本页面的调查

Analysis: firstly, it is the same reason as above. Secondly, “on this page” shall correctly translated into “在本页面上” rather than “本页面的”. Remember the rule, the less “的”,the better and more professional the quality is. Try not to use “的” if we have other optitions.

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12, Click here to enable to it.

Edited version:单击此处启用此功能项。

My version:单击此处删除页面。

Analysis: misunderstanding or this sentence is generated from TM for full match so I overlook it. For a green hand in translation, the first practice is to understand the source languages correctly. It is the basic step. Without correct understanding, the turnout is bad no matter how we modify it.

13, With this configuration, your survey must start immediately.

Edited version:使用此配置,您的调查必须即刻启动。

My version:使用此配置,您的调查必须立即开始。

Analysis: I feel like it is preferential reasons. But “启动” sounds more professional.

14, There is no Postpone Button Text on a survey that starts at the end of a visit.

Edited version:访问结束时启动的调查上没有“延迟按钮文本”。

My version:调查中没有在访问结束后开始的推迟按钮文本。

Analysis: the difference lies in which part is the subject of “that starts at the end of a visit.” . In my version, I divide is as ”There is no Postpone Button Text(that starts at the end of a visit.) on a survey ” while the edited version divided it as “There is no Postpone Button Text( on a survey that starts at the end of a visit).”. Thus the two versions are different in logic understanding which leads to different translation. My logic understanding is turned out to be wrong.