15,Sample size will be set to one if launch from ‘An Adobe URL’ is selected.

Edited version:如果选择从 Adobe URL 启动,将会设置样本大小。

My version:如果选择从 Adobe URL 启动,将设置一个样本大小。

Analysis:”set to one” does not mean “一个样本”, but that here it means to set sample size.

“one” in here has no real meaning but bears the function of grammar just like the case that “one that…”.

16,Display survey on the next page if the visitor leaves before the survey is displayed.

Edited version:如果访客在调查显示前离开,则将在下一页显示调查。

My version:如果访客在调查显示前离开,则将在下一页面显示调查。

Analysis: I feel like it is preferential reason.

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17,Please read the documentation to learn how Adobe Survey works with popup blockers.

Edited version:请阅读文档,学习 Adobe 调查如何与弹出窗口阻止程序结合使用。

My version:请阅读文档,学习 Adobe 调查如何与弹出窗口阻止程序工作。

Analysis:”works with” is not properly translated into “工作”, rather it is better to translated as “结合使用” to make natural sense. ”work with” in some context means “use something to work” or “two or more subjects works together (function together)”, it is subject to the context where it is applied.

18,Selecting this option will cause your survey configuration to change from ‘Start survey at the end of the visit’ to ‘Start survey immediately’.

Edited version:如果选择此选项,您的调查配置将由“访问结束后启动调查”更改为“立即启动调查”。

My version:如果选择此选项,您的调查配置将由“访问结束后开始调查”更改为“立即开始调查”。

Analysis: the difference lies in “start survey” , one is translated into “启动” while the other “开始”.”启动” feels more official.”change from A into B” is usually translate into “ 由 A 更改为 B”.

19,When %s entry identifiers have at least one matched value

Edited version:%s 个登录标识符至少有一个匹配值

My version:%s 登录标识符至少有一个匹配值

Analysis: the measure unit “个” is added to make the sentence flow more smooth.

“%s” is a sign of IT code, so just leave as it is. It is the same case with many other odd symbols.

20,Restore Default Message

Edited version:还原默认消息

My version:还原默认信息

Analysis: In IT field, ”message” should be translated into “消息” in most cases, instead of “信息”.

21,Survey Report Name only appears in survey reporting and management. It will not be displayed to survey takes.

Edited version:调查报表名称只出现在调查报表和管理中,不会出现在调查中。

My version:调查报表名称只出现在调查报表和管理中。不会出现在调查中。

Analysis: you see, the only difference is punctuation marks, comma shows in the middle of the sentence rather than period to make natural logic flow. As we can conclude that the punctuations in Chinese is not necessarily to the same with English, as Chinese and English has varied sentence structures, so we should follow the Chinese grammar principles.