Nowaday, sites like eBay and Taobao have used auction website design to turn the phenomenon of online auctions into a viable business model. More and more western company would like to set up their auction business in Chinese market.

Launching an online auction website, however, is not something that happens overnight. Think about it. If having a site like Taobao were simple, wouldn’t everyone do it? And even though some companies will offer, “Taobao for $5,000,” they won’t be able to deliver the level of localization you want. The complexity of the project is exactly the reason you need a Chinese and digital marketing company with internet professionals experienced in crafting Chinese auction sites. You need in creating an auction website design that works for our clients, specially for Chinese market. We understand the challenges these sites present, and the solutions needed to achieve the highest performance.

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An online auction requires an intense amount of time and planning as well as capital investment to be successful. From crafting a design that is easy to use, to programming backend functions to handle bids and purchases, a well executed auction site requires a high level of skill to deliver results.

And with Red Clay Interactive, you get an entire agency approach to your site, ensuring your site is ready for optimal positioning in the marketplace.

Finally, you get what you pay for. Do you want a site that looks like eBay and Taobao, but cann’t perform the various functions Chinese users have come to expect form an online auction? Or would you rather invest in a site that will work for you and your Chinese customers?

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