The Chinese New Year is celebrated as the symbol of spring’s celebration. In fact, in China it is still called the Spring Festival. The date of the Chinese New Year is always changing and is dependant on the Chinese calendar. The 2011 Chinese New Year starts in February 3. It is the year of rabbit. The festival falls on the first day of the first lunar month, and ends with Lantern Festival which is on the 15th day.

Chinese New Year is the most important traditional festival and a public holiday in China. It is a celebrated among the family members. It is seen as an occasion of family get together. So the New Year period is the busiest travel time. Chinese New Year is a time for families to be together. A reunion dinner is held on New Year’s Eve, when New Year food including Chinese dumplings and spring rolls is eaten.

Every family thoroughly cleans the house, sweeps the floors and washes daily things. House cleaning is believed to drive away ill-fortune and bring good luck in the coming year. Windows and doors are decorated with red paper-cuts and couplets.

From the first day of the New Year to the 15th day, Chinese people go to visit friends and relatives. New Year greetings are given to each other, and lucky money is given to children to bring them good luck.

The festival is celebrated grandly and extensively across the country. Various cultural activities such as Fireworks Dragon Dancing, Lion Dancing and other traditional performances, are arranged in parks and streets in cities and towns.

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Chinese New Year of the Rabbit

The 2011 Chinese New Year is the year of Rabbit. Fourth creature of the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac, the Rabbit, stands for affectionate, gentle, serene and family oriented beings. Rabbits are slightly introverted and hate being the centre of attractions. Rather they prefer being behind-the-scenes. They take pleasure in trivial good things of life. Fundamentally, peace-makers, rabbits have lots of friends and are extremely humble and modest.

Chinese Rabbit New Year is related to the earthly branch symbol. Rabbits can be categorized on the basis of five Chinese elements – Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. All those born within the date ranges stated below are born in the “Year of the Rabbit” and they bear the following elemental signs.

The Metal Rabbit :

These rabbits are extremely resilient, ambitious and when required manipulative

Water Rabbits:

Water Rabbits are typically friendly and relaxed but delicate, docile and prefer being out of any conflict or argument.

The Wood Rabbit :

Kind souls, Wood Rabbits are generally peacemakers and can never hurt other person’s feelings

The Fire Rabbit:

High on zeal, fire rabbits lead their life to the fullest. These adventure lovers are easily stirred by anything that’s enigmatic.

The Earth Rabbit:

Wise and pragmatic, Earth Rabbits offer wise suggestions in return earn great respect. They under take all their work with utmost pride and diligence and are essentially materialistic

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