Source Files

Client offered us Word files converted from PDF and also PDF for reference. Client wanted to do translation only without DTP for the files.


1. The Word files were perfect at the first glance of it. But when we checked Word files compared with PDF sentence by sentence, we found that there were many problems because of converting, such as missing contents, wrong source words for special character / numbers, extra / wrong off-line in one sentence, extra blank and wrong format.

2. We explained the problems to our client with shot screens and reminded them to recheck the source files. If the problems can’t be corrected, the translation would be affected in Trados 2011, especially for problems like missing contents and extra / wrong off-line.

3. We also offered suggestion to our client that we would like to recheck Word files for free for them (our value-added service) if they can expand the delivery time.


Our translation team offered a comprehensive glossary of terms specific to client’s source files before translation start. When the glossary was approved by client, it was used throughout the translation process and additional terms were added when they arose. The glossary creation process was managed by editor who is professional in the area and also with high level of expression.


Glossary should be delivered together with translated files in special sign for any updated parts and also told client in email for the changes.

Project Manager should process QA with glossary for every batch and then sent the QA Form to translator to recheck the consistence of glossary. The revision should be finished in batches in case correction time was not enough at the end of deadline.


Consistency usually corrected together for all contents before delivery by editor.


For large translation project, consistency and delivery on time were all important. In order to keep the balances between them, consistency correction should be finished in batches too. If not, the correction time would be limited and which can affect the translation quality. If Project Manager sent QA of every batch to translator for correct first, the inconsistency would become less when editor received all the translated files. Then, the editor had enough time to handle editing which can keep the translation quality.

QA Form

It is better to deliver the final QA Form together with all the translated files which can offer client a message that we are professional. Comments were included in QA Form was prefer if needed.

CCJK is always on the way to pursuit excellence on offering translation with high quality and delivery translated files on time. We make summary if needed after job finished and always try our best to find new way to improve our services.

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