About Client

The client is a large advertising company based on Australia that produces lots of work for content as they build many websites.

About the Project

The client was looking for a fast and reliable writer for a long term relation. They need the content writing for websites mostly but may have a few different kinds of writing work occasionally.

This project is just a trial for long term work. The client would provide the business nature and the area of service for company and also the page names they require content for. An under-developed website would be given to us by the client.

Our Solution

The challenge in this project was that there was no information written in the website but a few page names and several photos. The client just asked us to create some contents for the nearly blank site. However, they didn’t give any material about it. Before we handed the job over to the writer, we analysed the website carefully and mostly guess what the website needed to show and what the topic should be in the web content.

We set up a direction and contacted the writer to start the job as soon as possible. In our writing process, we would also assign an English editor to check the content after written by the writer. According to the milestone the client created, we have 5 days left to get it done. We still managed to implement the job with our efficiency as we describe to clients all the time.

A situation told what we did was right.

The second day, the client urged us to submit the content in the same day. Although it was different from the deadline they set, we still remembered what the client revealed that they were looking for a fast writer initially. Therefore, instead of discussing the deadline with the client stubbornly, we continued to follow up the writing process and get a final version three hours later. After that we delivered the writing document to the client formally at that day in terms of their requirement.

And what would happen finally? We got a good feedback from the client and they told us that they felt happy and satisfied for our work and high efficiency, as well as put us as their long term writing contractor.

About CCJK

Founded in 2000 and born for Internet, CCJK is a highly trusted professional e-Services company supported by more than 2,000 talented linguists, engineers, designers and programmers who work as a super organized team. From language translation, desktop publishing, graphic design, software localization, website development, SEO, user guide to corporate eLearning, we provide one stop solution to help client gain competitive edge. We rely on streamlined and sophisticated process to ensure fast and quality delivery. By trusting CCJK’s one stop solution, you need only focus on your core business, win market share and maximize your profit in simplest and soonest way.